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Текст песни KoЯn - Twist

This is what John is really saying:

You`re not the right one dumb damn rapper
Not the right goddamn
Who are you to rap shit take off
And who says you`re right
On top you think you`re bomb artista
But you`re bent out of oooo right
Suck my dick
But don`t you think that you`re oooo right
Sometimes things might make me ooo ooo it makes me mad
And when it happens fuck it
Rugged in mind a hint by bit
Why does it not exist in you?
Right, shit, why hit in yet another day
Woo hoo right
It`s not woo hoo right
But you`re wrong


Put me in right now make mad
Prove that you`re right
Somehow you`re not right, huh
But that doesn`t make me mad
Right now you`re beggin` for a little brew
All night
Yeah it`s so simple
I had some Red Dog, you hand over it

Автор: lacos