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Текст песни Funeral - A Poem For The Dead

Grace and peace be yours, the dead
Greet me with open arms, silently crying
Ever faithful on to me, even when you are dead

You, whom I loved
My joy and crown
If you still were here
May your spirit rest
Rejoice, your soul, is free
Blessed be and peace to you
And love with faith from him
My undying love

(your) glory is like the flowers of the field
Like roses will fall, their remembrance is forever

The lord is yours
I shall not want a past that now is lost
Silence and grief, my heart is lone
I cry for you, my love
I breathe, for you, I live for you
I will long rue you, too deeply to tell
A wreath – my farewell
I rue you – grief bites hard
Tears now flow for you
Автор: lacos