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We`ve all got troubles
We all make mistakes
But let`s not take a little river turn it into lake
We`ve all been humble
We`ve lost and we`ve found
But it can never get the best of us if we`re not looking down
And I wonder, are there others like me
Yeah I wonder
I`ve got the whole wor
Hold me now
Stop the morning light from breaking
Something`s coming over me
Don`t know what it is sub-saving
The clocks expire
They just might change everything
If I don`t give you all that`s waiting
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
If I try not to need you I`ll be hiding from myself but
Maybe I don`t wanna know the reason why
But lately you don`t talk to me
And baby I can`t see me in your eyes

I hold you near but you`re so far away
And it`s losing you I can`t believe
To watch you leave and let this feeling die

You alone are the living thing that keeps me alive
Baby, I`m a want you
Baby, I`m a need you
You`re the only one
I care enough to hurt about

Maybe I`m a crazy
But I just can`t live without
Your love and affection
Givin` me direction
Like a guidin` light
To help me through my darkest hour

Lately I`m a prayi
I feel look top
And I want to get out
But don’t know where to go
I just wanna be free
And do what up please
But where do I go?
To find the place, place
Where I can go
To be free, be free, yeah…free
Just want to be free on every mountain, every sea
I’m gonna find me a place to
be free
Я прошу тебя - уйди из снов моих
теперь хочу тебя отправить прямо - на ямбу
Я прошу тебя - уйди
Из грез моих в толпу
Где, я так долго тебя ищу
Я смела влюбится в сон
И растворится в нем
И потерять контроль над собой

Не будет другой любви
Не будет другого времени
От куда же мне знать как тебя н
It stops... never

Meant to be
You and me
Unconcious love
Love is a attraction
It`s so hot
What we`ve got
Like a chemical reaction

So how can it be so suddenly
You treat me like a stranger
Remember, remember when
You told me I
I made you feel so alive

You can&
Late last night
I was goin through some old things
When i Saw a picture of you and my best friend
It reminded me of day when you were mine
You had a way that always let me hear with a smile
I want those sweet days back agian
Cause baby


Its sunny day
But you`re not around
Ay, Ay, Ay
Nobody likes being played
Beyonce, Beyonce
Shakira, Shakira (hey)

B.: He said I’m worth it, one desire
Sh.: I know things about `em that you wouldn’t wanna read
B.: He kissed me, his one and only, (yes) beautiful liar
Sh.: Tell me how you tolerate the things that you just found
I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a…

Na na na diva is a female version of a hustla
Of a husla
Of a of a hustla
Na na na diva is a female version
Boys like you, can stop playing with the toys
Girls like me won’t stop trying to change your world
If you wanna be my man (Ooh)
I will make you understand (Ooh)
If you wanna be my man
Quit the games you’re playing

Bridge :

I’ve been watching you
Secretly lady, just like a hunter
I’ve be
For so long, I’ve been missing the touch of you, honey,
For so long, I’ve been praying for you…
Honesty, I’ve been wasting my time all night long,
Boy, you know, you know, it’s true…

Because of you, what can I do?
This is a heartbreak story of ya!
You were so fine, the boy I need
Baby, you were my beauty kin
[Busta Rhymes]
Look, it’s been a long time, I shouldn’ta left you
But now I came back to step through
Think of how many weak dudes you heard boo
Time’s up, sorry I let you
listen to them, you see I’m back with a gem
And you knowin that I’ma always keep it hot ’til the end
And again and again, that’s how we
Verse 1: charlie brown

Bring one mc, two mc, three mc.
Send any mc’s. it doesn’t matter to me.
Sterp up like a thief in the night.
No wins and I begin. my third eye is bright.
Here to shine. light skies the limit on d.l.
Who fell, yeah time will tell.
The leaders of the new.
The #1 crew blunts and brew
Yeah (uh)
The rulership (word)
Anarchy niggas (yeah yeah)
Spliff starr (spliff starr)
Bus-a-bus (bus-a-bus)
Roc marci (roc marci)
Rah digga (rah digga)
Baby sham (baby sham)
Rampage (rampage)
Another voyage nigga (another one)

[busta rhymes]
One two three