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А ты одна, ты идешь по дороге,
Ты лишь смотришь на небо, и не смотришь под ноги,
Твой безумный взгляд смотрит в даль,
И мысль у тебя одна, найди меня... и не отпускай,

Куплет 1:
Красивые движения, изящная походка,
Всё отработано годами, и каждый шаг твой чёткий,
Спокойный ветер, подчёркивает твой
Для тебя я живу, для тебя я пою,
Для тебя я сегодня на этой сцене стою,
Для тебя пишу стихи, для тебя сочиняю,
Ты поверишь в любовь, я уверен, это знаю,

Куплет 1:
Весна уже на носу, скоро лето любовь,
От этих мыслей уже закипает кровь,
Мы с тобою вдвоём уже два месяца рядом,
Я обретаю покой
I wanna dance, I wanna dance, I wanna get down tonight
I wanna dance, I wanna get down tonight
I wanna dance, I wanna get down tonight

Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight,
Get down tonight

I wanna dance, I wanna get down tonight
I wanna dance, I wanna get down tonight
This terrible writhe
I rot away
Oh, hear my prayer
My soul is trying to slip away

I...I die
Pray for my soul
All hope is gone

Agony, please set me free
Remove this pain from me
Let me be
Oh, my god

Eternity now awaits
Going towards him
I am embracing god
My s
The aeons, by they go
They will never let you know
Shining down on fields of doom
Tribulation casts a blood-red moon
Immortality in death
How I long for my last breath
Covering the lands, a blinding fog
Keeps them ignorant of their holy dog
When you hear the cries
Of the ones that should have died
Abased by my grief,
the troubled mind I bear,
drags me down the abyss of
endless loneliness.

Enlight the reek in which you dwell.
You re the weak your soul has fell.
-Hear the prayer of a lost soul.

Even though the greatest of my wishes
is being stoic, God has made me
one of many stooges.
Grace and peace be yours, the dead
Greet me with open arms, silently crying
Ever faithful on to me, even when you are dead

You, whom I loved
My joy and crown
If you still were here
May your spirit rest
Rejoice, your soul, is free
Blessed be and peace to you
And love with faith from him
My und
Behold the truth of our demise.
Out of ruin we ll arise.
We ll rise from darkness,
from burden – to light with joy.

Oh beautiful valiant, take us from night,
from dark the mighty king
– unfolds as light.
Malevolent death toll, oh so sweet sounding.

We sing in our despair,
for ho
When nightfall class the earth,
shadeless flowers sleep.
Mankind lies in emptiness,
all the mourners weep (in silence).

We stride towards sick winds,
rain fills our lungs,
God s tears inside?

So grim yet beautiful (in your soul).
Are you too of this awe?
Then hope you have (doomed one).
She lays there dressed in silk.
So pale, so cold.

Your door has opened for all to see.
The pitiness that we suffer.
Guided (to) where no man returns
or ever will, (it is) eternity.

A spokesman of God
gives the beauty away.

You door has been opened for all to see.
The pitiness that we
When I weep on your shoulder
you caress me with the warmest embrace
Tears are not a comfort
but truly a great suffering

Scarring of the soul a reminder of
the bitterness,
gained through the years and years
in despair
What gift pays grieving
but the loss of sadness for a moment

I came for help
Against my fears
What harm did I ever do to you
I asked for your help
You helped yourself
What harm did I ever do to you
Now I suffer from tardive dyskinesia
All my demons are gone but one
When I look in the mirror I feel ashamed
Moderate suffering replaced with pain
When I go out th
No one could deem this an end
Yet there is no grave for you to tend
The feathers fell to dark intrigue
A tell-tale praise – a solemn need
Reconciled with torment fraught
Swallowed down the throat of nought
Your hands lay bleeding with regret
The night when angels sorely wept
The manic sea of smothered cries
A leper seated on the corner of a street in the new world
Crying sorely, as he was destined for so much more
Nobody helps him, they are busy reaching for the sun
No more love or care, the leper is the last one

He was the strongest, he was determined to help the weak
He caught what he fought, the hatred of a world gon
Please excuse me if I do repulse thee
I have still not found the strength to end it
So I silently withdraw from your society
To await for life to release its grip on me

So many souls condemned to live isolated and alone
Human warmth is swiftly dying in your perfect world

Marvel at the beauty of your empir