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I am hooked on you
I am ready to go
I am ready to dance
Are you?
I wanna see it

Lights turn always like 90 degrees
Standing on the wall but baby not me
Taking center stage come on the floor
Rolling till I break doing this and more

Lights turn always like 90 degrees
Standing on the wall b
think you gotta keep me iced
You dont
think Im gonna spend your cash
I wont
Even if you were broke
My love dont cost a thing
Think I wanna drive your benz
I dont
If I wanna floss I got my own
Even if you were broke
My love dont cost a thing

When you rolled up in the escalade
Saw that
Ayer nos dos so?abamos con un mundo perfecto
Ayer a nuestros labios les sobraban las palabras
Porque en los ojos nos espiabamos el alma
y la verdad no vacilaba en tu mirada

Ayer nos no metimos conquistar el mundo entero
Ayer tu me juraste que ese amor seria eterno
Por que una vez equivocarse suficiente
Yeah .. Whoo!

Through the bumpy roads the others bite the dust
`cause they be thinking there in love when their in lust
But cliche breakin` up so easy
Im about to throw a curve ball honey
People let the stormy weather push them out
Back against the road it`s easy to be over

Dont Sweat the
(I wanna be where you are)
(Could it be I stayed away too long?)

I remember I said we should split
Had a lot goin` on And you weren`t part of it
You tryin` to reason with me I admit
But I did
And now I`m walkin` around so so sick
And now I`m thinkin` for you that`s a fact
Strangers always got some mess to spread
But I have learned to flick them off
Can.t walk a mile in my YSLs
I strap them on and I walk it off

Got .em saying: I can.t believe
She did it no she didn.t
My wild factor`s got them crazy
Got .em saying: yea she did it
But I can.t believe it
Never said
Oh, oh oh...

This is where my story begins
Standing here with you
I`m about to give in
And I`m gonna give all I can give
Even though in previous relationships
I might have been mischievous
I wasn`t already ready
I admit to this
But what a good feeling it is
I`ve had a lot of cr
Ohh whooaa
Ohh whooaa
Ohh whooaa

You know you love me
I know you care
Just shout whenever
And I’ll be there
You are my love
You are my heart
And we would never, ever, ever be apart

Are we an item?
Girl quit playin’
We’re just friends
What are you sayin’
Said there’s a

Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, down,
Even if the sky is falling down,
Down, down
Ooh (ohhh)

(Verse 1)

You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go,
Put on a show, i wanna see how you lose control,


So leave it behind ’cause
I would march across the desert to defeat my enemy
And I would lie here in the trenches with your picture next to me
And when I told you it’s forever, then it’s how its gonna be
Don’t, won’t let him just take the place of me (No...)

Does he really know you like I know you, all the little things?
Does he really love yo
Jason Derulo
Let’s Go!


(Part One)
I got more problems than an algebra equation
They say become a doctor
I don’t have the patience
Ain’t with the waiting
What’s my motivation?
The road less traveled is the one that I’ll be takin’
(Part Two)
Lonely days
oh, oh, oh, eh yeah,
You know im doing a movie right
I want you to be my co star.

hey girl your getting close,
in new wifey robe,
lets fast forward to the next episode,
love how ya party fit til them jeans
so why don’t cha come entertain me,
if you’re the right one for me,
show you things
She said I love you forever, and forever, means forever.
I was in love, she was in love
Whatever happened to us?
I thought that you cared, now this isn’t fair
Cause lovin’ you is just not enough

Forever means forever
Forever means forever
You and me together
You and me forever

Ohh, s
I was crazy man you wouldn’t believe what I seen
Got me reminiscing down too much memories
The only girl you know that in my heart
The one I almost gave that ring

But we were so young, mustve been only nineteen
I guess the time wasn’t right and we said some mean things
A bitter day when I saw her face
She wa
ПРИПЕВ: ( 2 раза )
Это мир игры
Мы строго выиграем битву,
Дай мне в руки мяч, видишь
Мы проходим защиту
Наблюдай как на танке
Герою нету шанса
Ты должен знать
как мы учим тебя играть в баскет.

Тот кто был первым
Будет бить во атаку
К кольцу подходит
Несусь как пуля
Вокруг все