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Ты разбиваешь, сердце на части
И забираешь, кусочки на счастье
Кто виноват, наверное не важно
Тот кто теряем и кажется страшно

Может так лучше
Только не знаю
Что мы нашли
А что потеряли

Помню сейчас,
Что то важное губишь
Знаю уходишь
Но всё еще любишь

Сохрани, в сердце
Rap1 (Red Dogg)
The first nigga to slipґs the first Red Dogg nigga Iґm a trip on
get my flip on lay em down N get my dip on out the back door
see my Benzo Iґm in it
Iґm out to win it pull a jack in a minute got dem Hoochyґs gettinґ
freaky in the backroom cuz on the microphone Iґm funky like thebathroom, itґs just a new Gene
The Fallen Star...

You what they call…
The Fallen Star

You what they call The Fallen Star,
Do pray this night, I’m not so far,
Illuminate this world,
You are my Fallen Star!!!
Everywhere you ARE… The Fallen Star!

You what they call The Fallen Star,
Do pray this night, I’m not so far,
Hay, en mi corazon, una inquietud
Hoy te veo tan distante
Hay, algo que me aleja de tu amor
De repente tu cambiaste
Hoy, insegura estoy
El estar sin ti
Si que me hara sufrir

Anoche yo sentim, que me besaste diferente
Y me quedo, sin saber qui hacer
Yo te conozco y si
Que algo no anda bien, ven
I am done, smoking gun
We’ve lost it all, the love is gone
She has won, now it’s no fun
We’ve lost it all, the love is gone

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself

I feel like our world’s been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We’ve found our live
For as long as I remember, for as long as I’ve been blue
Every day since we’ve been parted all I’ve thought about was you
Didn’t need the time for sorrow, didn’t need the time for pain
What am I supposed to do when living without you was the worst I ever knew?

In a moment like this
Wanna know, wanna know, wanna know w
We back in our souls baby
What it is baby?
I’ma do some thangs, then you gonna do some thangs
Yeah, we be bouncing like the springs on the bed
We be bouncing like the springs of the bed
And I love it when you give me some
Let’s switch and let me do you instead
Through I love the way you give it to me, girl
You put it down like New York City
I never sleep
Wild like Los Angeles
My fantasy
Hotter than Miami
I feel the heat
Ohh Miss international love
Ohh Miss international love

I don’t play football but i’ve touched down pretty
much all around the world, all around the world
I don’t play baseball
Эти соседи снизу.
Кто-то трахает жену
Кто-то вешает карнизы.
Бесит меня такой шум.
И это в 10 утра,новая хата на Бассманном бля.
С окна вижу площадь 3-х вокзалов
А там лохотрон –это опять те же кидалы:
Типа мы с НТВ -сделайте покупку,
Но я прохожу , у меня другие мутки.

Разошелся, во
От безделья чтоб не валять дурака,
Избегая волнения
От чего через край виляя вытекает река,
Гуляем по невским берегам в день рожденье города.
Стакан чая зелёно-ромашкового за полторашку.

В ресторанчике Money Honey
Со стаканчиком вискаря, пивком , хавчиком,
После всех людей и студий,
You said I’m not giving enough
But baby girl I’m trying so hard to
Keep up, when you fear
That I’ma always leave you lonely
But you see that I want us to last forever
And my heart stays open
Darling you know it will get better
But you know that shit won’t happen over night
We just gotta give love a try
[Verse 1]

I’ll take you back to 1965
Let’s hit the city of freedom, like old times
It’s getting dirty
Underneath the blue sky
Imagine you and me count the butterflies

One, two, three
Let’s bring it on
Keep on dancing in the streets of love
French kissing on JFK drive
Till we crash at the
La casa de mi padre…
El amor no es un juego cualquiera
Los sueños desvanecen de alguna manera.
Todo se pierde si somos uno,
Somos dos o no somos ninguno.

Una casa no es de arena y ladrillo
Es hecha de sangre y sudor mío,
La tierra hermosa es como nuestra madre
Y sobre ella reposa
Everywhere everywhere
Everywhere I go
Everywhere that i’ve been
The only thing I see is
Is beautiful people
Beautiful people
Beautiful people
Beautiful people

Don’t you know don’t you know
You’re beautiful don’t you know
Don’t you know don’t you know
Beautiful don’t
[Chris Brown]
You’ve got that smile,
That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
That you keep that smile.

[Justin Bieber]
Yeah, you are my dream,
There’s not a thing I won’t do.
I’ll give my life up for you,
Cos you are my dream.

And baby, everything that I have is