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Ay, Ay, Ay
Nobody likes being played
Beyonce, Beyonce
Shakira, Shakira (hey)

B.: He said I’m worth it, one desire
Sh.: I know things about `em that you wouldn’t wanna read
B.: He kissed me, his one and only, (yes) beautiful liar
Sh.: Tell me how you tolerate the things that you just found
I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a a diva
I’m a I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a I’m a…

Na na na diva is a female version of a hustla
Of a husla
Of a of a hustla
Na na na diva is a female version
[Busta Rhymes]
Look, it’s been a long time, I shouldn’ta left you
But now I came back to step through
Think of how many weak dudes you heard boo
Time’s up, sorry I let you
listen to them, you see I’m back with a gem
And you knowin that I’ma always keep it hot ’til the end
And again and again, that’s how we
Verse 1: charlie brown

Bring one mc, two mc, three mc.
Send any mc’s. it doesn’t matter to me.
Sterp up like a thief in the night.
No wins and I begin. my third eye is bright.
Here to shine. light skies the limit on d.l.
Who fell, yeah time will tell.
The leaders of the new.
The #1 crew blunts and brew
Yeah (uh)
The rulership (word)
Anarchy niggas (yeah yeah)
Spliff starr (spliff starr)
Bus-a-bus (bus-a-bus)
Roc marci (roc marci)
Rah digga (rah digga)
Baby sham (baby sham)
Rampage (rampage)
Another voyage nigga (another one)

[busta rhymes]
One two three
Greetings, earthlings
We have now taken over your radioooo.....


Goin’ straight through the hole
You ain’t got no game
I’m breakin’ ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin’ all control
You can’t
Intro/outro 2x: busta rhymes (and odb singin some crazy stuff)

Y’alllll y’alllll y’alllll, y’all
Y’alllll y’alllll y’alllll, y’all
Y’alllll y’alllll y’alllll, y’all
Y’alllll y’alllll y’alllll, y’all

Chorus: busta rhymes, ol dirty bastard

The flip mode is the squad that controls your set
И ты запуган, напуган, похож на пугало, дурень.
Разлука, любовь сука, не хочешь быть просто другом.
Не хочешь себя видеть и хочешь ее ненавидеть.
Хочешь задеть, обидеть, но мечтаешь снова увидеть.
Смотришь в ICQ, IQ в мозгу стремится к нулю.
Сердце бьется быстрее и снова слово «Люблю»
Может напишет, услышит, любовь сно
I wanna be your illusion
Be your illusion
To make you happy tonight
Enjoy this trip with me
I wanna be your emotion, be your emotion
Why dont you turn off the lights?
Imagine how we could be living….

Sometimes i wonder why
We have no limits
Everything we do is try
To find out who we are.
One more game,
It’s time to play,
Play with me.

(One more game)

Just one more game,
It’s time to play,
Come play my way.

I’m no more Mrs. Nice Girl,
No playing home ground,
I’m not the same girl,
You never rocked my world,
You used me,
Tried to abuse me,
Fanned a lif
Youre one in a million
Youre once in a lifetime
You made me discover
One of the stars above us

// repeats //

Sometimes love can hit you everyday
Sometimes you can fall for everyone you see
But only one can really make me stay
A sign from the sky said to me

// CHORUS //
Shaggy alongside Bob Sinclar
The lovely Sahara
ha ha ha ha
Ladies lets make love on the dance floor

I wanna feel
I wanna hold
I wanna touch your body
I wanna give you all my tender loving tonight

I wanna feel
I wanna hold
I wanna touch your body
And show you sweet love
and hold
Trip on spaceship
Trip on spaceship
Trip on space ship
Trip on spaceship

Sitting on top of the world
Watching the stars
Go by

I got my head in a dream
Got my head in a …..
I can fly
I can fly
I can fly

So get high, get high
Get high, get high
So get high, get hi
Señor 305 Armando Bond
Con la Princesa Belinda
Mami Yo no soy egoista, la cosa es que yo se lo que quiero
eo eo e… eo eo a (Egoista)! (Egoista)!
eo eo e… eo eo a (Egoista)!

Di Todo para ti, y nada para mi
Porque sera asi? (Egoista)
En un mundo Feliz, Amar es compartir
Everyday, I’m in a daze
Looking for that someone
And everyday, I sit and kneel and pray
Oh, sweet love, can I get some?
So why do you desert me, baby boy?
I need your love right now!
And if you desert me, baby boy
Don’t you leave me in your crowd

Hey baby, what time you gon