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I dream of those lips
The voice, soft and pure
I never stopped thinking of you
That night, so close to you

I’m dreaming, but complaining
And my heart, indifferent
To the life that awaits me tomorrow
I’m kneeling in front of the sea

I was ready to share the world with you
But you, you wanted t
Baby, dance with me and feel the ways, feel the ways
Baby come with me, fall into place, fall in place
We were once …. long time
Big fat dog don’t play me …
Tonight I’ll make you mine

Boy you make me I-I-I-I want t-to t-t-try get back A.S.A.P.
Boy you make me I-I-I-I want t-to t-t-try get back A.S.A.P.
Girl, chammack chulo,
Where you go girl, I’mma follow,
What you want girl, just let me know,
You can be my chammack chulo!

Shwaty I’m gonna get you,
You know I’m gonna get you!
You know I’ll even let you be my chammack chulo!

Wanna be my chammack chulo? Hey!
Wanna be my chamma
Yea yea
Number one Alexandra Stan
That’s right
yea..take it
Hey hey you’re one in a million
and my heart feeling love you’re so briliant
Girl i’ve missed your love and your feelings hun
I never knew that you are my special one
Since you left me i was the lonely one
Looking for that girl on
I was afraid to spell
And I know that you were too
If we try there is nothing to loose right now
There’s just me and you

[Refrain] x2
I’ve never felt this way
I love you, I love you
I’ve never felt this way
Baby you, you show me the way

(put your lips like this)

I was afraid to spe
One is for power
Two is for energy
Three is for droid

Pull a little bit of energy
Yeah, you know
You turn me on
I think I go crazy
Fill me up with your energy
Yeah, you know
You turn me on
I think I go crazy

You know I feel so good
When you make me l
Melody x4
Joo joo ye Bala,
Ji jiggar tala
Man pakhsh o pala
Bi berim la la x2
Bia nazdic dokhtare shik
Man shahe delam, to bibie pik.
Bego are, dobare kari nadare.
Begoo eshghe man,begoo
esghe man, are Melody
Begoo eshghe man,
donyam toro kam dare.
Melody, melody.

I think I met him, I think I met him!
I think I’m at my bbboottom!
I think I met him, I think I met him!
I think I’m at my bbboottom!

I can feel your love is real,
But I know that you’re making me sick!
Are you serving me, the boys an
Eyes, a lips

Tu et moi faire
Tu sais.. Ting Ting !
A Ting Ting !
Ting Ting !

Eyes starring a lips
Touching hips moving

Tu et moi faire
Tu sais, Ting Ting !
Ting Ting !
Ting Ting !

This is the way sometimes
Starting get again
And the sitt
[Verse 1]
I keep on fallin’
In and out of love
With you
Sometimes I love ya
Sometimes u make me blue
Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used
Lovin you darlin’
Makes me so confused

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
The way that I love you
я никогда не любил так, как я люблю тебя
живу тобой, дышу тобой, другой мне не найти никогда
да и нет смысла в этом, пусть это всего лишь грёзы
скажи, но шутка ли, когда у парня на глазах слёзы
когда готов на всё ради того, чтобы стать первым
когда в силах всё забыть про всех, стать искренным и верным
когда делал для т
Обними меня крепко, крепко
поцелуй меня сладко в губы
я хочу с тобою быть вечно
обними меня крепко

моя красивая девочка
дорогая я буду любить тебя вечно
я помню твои карие глаза, твоя улыбка, ангельские черты лица
милая моя поцелуй меня, заряди мое сердце энергией света
где-то там ты
let’s go….oohh

woo hoo….woo hoo…. wooo hooo

just look at me all that you left me with is insanity
and this misery i know that i try my best, i’m stuck in this bed
it feels like i’m paralyzed, got this weight on my chest

and you got me going cuckoo, you got me going cuckoo,
and you
Free, free to be myself,
Free to need some time
Free to need some help
So I’m reaching baby, out
When I’m lonely in the crowd
When the signs get too loud
I’ll be crashing…
And even if I never forget you baby
Tonight I’m gonna let your memory baby
Go, always said I know

But at least I got my f
Affamati come lupi
viviamo in crudeltà
E tutto sembra perso
in questa oscurità
All’angolo e indifeso
ti cerco accanto a me… da soli
gli occhi non vedono.

Ti penso e cambia il mondo
le voci intorno a me
Cambia il mondo,
vedo oltre quel che c’è
Vivo e affondo