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Am Ты куришь, я тоже. Ты грустен - О, боже, H7 Тебя тревожит бумажный рай Am Не думай о грязи, не станешь заразен, C Мик Джаггер на связи - не выру
This is the coolest dbz theme It's set up to show exactly when the first and second guitar correspond with each other, hence all the spaces. Gtr. 1 e------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------
Cleveland Rocks (AKA Drew Carey Show Theme) Artist/Author: Presidents of the U.S.A./Ian Hanter Tabbed By: Louis Micheal Hawkins MVISD This is the whole tab for Cleveland Rocks. You might have heard it when they did that dance. The usual opening consi
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- California Dreams - TV Intro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Joel Jimenez Email: Created:
Cavatina E+-------------------------------------+-------------------------------------+ B+--------------------5----------------+--------------------9----------------+ G+--------------4-----------4----------+--------------8-----------8----------+ D+--
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 22:15:15 -0500 From: Subject: Praise song- Almighty Almighty (fast tempo) Chorus: Almighty G G/B D G Almighty, Most ... C Em D G Faithful through ... G/B D G Almighty, Most ... C Em D G Glorious, ...(repeat) D G
Sanctuary Words and Music by John W. Thompson and Randy L. Scruggs standard tuning tabbed by North Georgia Boy chords used D A G e|--2--0--3--| B|--3--0--2--| G|--2--1--0--| D|--0--2--0--| A|--x--2--2--| E|--x-(0)-3--| D (A) D A Lord prepare me to be
-== Brazilian Nacional Hymn==- tabbed by (Alexandre - Night Raider) (ICQ# - 3727476) ** Ignore Timing ** Intro |-------------------------------2---------------------------| |-----------------------------2---------------------0-------| |---------0-0-0
This is my first tab!! Let it be used to show the Glory of our God. Please rate well - does sound good and is easy! |--------------------------------------------| |-5-0-2-0-2-2-9b-7-7-0-2-3-2-----------------| |---------------------------------------
It is also known as Doxology E-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B------------0--00----10-----0---------30----10-------------------------| G--00-----02------20----2-02---20----0----02---20--0-0------------------|
H7 Мы с тобою вдвоем - только ночь, только снег за окном H7 Догорает свеча, не разжечь мне ее - во мне нет огня H7 Я открою окно, я хочу, чтобы ве
This a little blues riff someone can play when their bored ( Play at any speed, but sounds better when played at moderate or fast.) e---------------11------13b---11----------- b-----11--13----------------------13-13---- g--12-------------------------
---12-12--9-14--12--9----9----------------- ----------------------10---9-------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Am Em Шатаясь по подьездам F G Сочиняются стихи. Am Em Купив по банке пива, F G Беломорчику купи. Am Em Соседи все в обиде F G Им от наших звуков ад, Am E