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Heres some blues licks, hope you like them. E||--------5--|--8b---8b---8b-5-----5~---|--5/---------10------------------| B||--5h-7-----|------------------7-------|-----13b---------10--10--13b-13b-| G||-----------|---------------
Tabbed by: Flippy Tuning:Standard this is my first tab and i've pretty much been playing for about 4 months now so i am what you can say a rookie but i'm pretty sure this is right because i had to play this at my school for t
This is my own work because I made it up. It is as right as Bingo gets. Love always, Jeff (J$). E|0--0--0----------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| B|---------0--2--2--0--0-|---5--5--7--7--9--5----|----9--9--10-10-10-----| G|--
this is finished off from james newtons version |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |------------0--2-----2--1-----1--0-----0---| |---0--2--3--------3-------2---------1------| |-----------------
Some slight diffrences from the other tab. I find the version i edited a bit more complete then the other one. Not much done, but still its more accurate towards the original guitar greensleeves. H E E Q E E. S E Q E E. S E G||-----------------|--5--
6 Teens - Nathaliye =================== Dm C Bb E A Verse:- (1) Dm C Lassana gomman yaamaye Sudu mal suwanda wuna Bb A Igilena Samanaliye Oba maa nethu sasala kalaa Dm C Rayak pura sihina gena Nethu piyawei obe nura Bb C F Piniwata addara indala Roo
КУРЫ-ГУСИ Am F E Одни говорят: Достала политика, Am F E Другие кричат: Ну, надоела попса. Am F E Перекрестный огонь доморощенных критиков, Am F E В сп
Armenian National Anthem - Barsegh Kanachyan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Hayaser ( Tuning:EADGBe e|--------------------------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 17:02:24 -0300 From: Brandon Mitchell Subject: m/misc_television/ Budweiser Song Drop D Tuning Brandon Mitcell - This is all my own work. I was bored one day, and I saw this commercial on tv, So I decided to t
Blackberry Blossom |-------7--------------------------------------------------------------| |--8-10---8-7-8-10-7---7-8-------------------------------------------7-| |-------------------9-----9-7-----------------------------7--------9---| |-----------
Am Dm E7 Am Белая метелица замела тайгу, Am Dm G C Снег кружится, стелется - вся тайга в снегу. A7 Dm Через пни болотные, A7 Dm Через бурелом... (надо выде
G:/----6-8-7----------- (intro--| D:/----6-8-7--------------------| x2 A:/----6-8-7--------------------| E:/----6-8-7------66--88--------| (VERSE) D:/--------------------------------------------------| G:/-------------------66666666------------------
D A Bm G El hombre se ... D de todo m... A A Bm G de villas ... D o barrio ... A A Bm A toda epoca ... A Bm A de un r... G F#m para subir .... Em G D A del gran .... G F#m con una ... Em G D A y-otra ... D Va cabal.... G A D el mayor .... A G F#m y m
Tabbed by Spencer Standard Tuning This is opening of the insuance commercial with the big blue guy... E---3--3--3----7--7--7----8--8--8-------------------------------| B---3--3--3----7--7--7----8--8--8-------------------------------| G---0--0--0----8
order of song is: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, chorus, verse 4, chorus (verse 1) Em we are one in the Spirit we are one in the Lord Am we are one in the Spirit Em we are one in the Lord Am and we pray that all unity Em may one day bes r