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This is the punk remix of Cillit Bang (the TV commercial). This is my first tab :P Have fun, I've played this a few times with my band =) a/b=slide from a to b *=PM after the note is played Riff 1: Intro & first verse E-------------------------------
Heres some blues licks, hope you like them. E||--------5--|--8b---8b---8b-5-----5~---|--5/---------10------------------| B||--5h-7-----|------------------7-------|-----13b---------10--10--13b-13b-| G||-----------|---------------
Tabbed by: Flippy Tuning:Standard this is my first tab and i've pretty much been playing for about 4 months now so i am what you can say a rookie but i'm pretty sure this is right because i had to play this at my school for t
This is my own work because I made it up. It is as right as Bingo gets. Love always, Jeff (J$). E|0--0--0----------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| B|---------0--2--2--0--0-|---5--5--7--7--9--5----|----9--9--10-10-10-----| G|--
this is finished off from james newtons version |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |------------0--2-----2--1-----1--0-----0---| |---0--2--3--------3-------2---------1------| |-----------------
Some slight diffrences from the other tab. I find the version i edited a bit more complete then the other one. Not much done, but still its more accurate towards the original guitar greensleeves. H E E Q E E. S E Q E E. S E G||-----------------|--5--
6 Teens - Nathaliye =================== Dm C Bb E A Verse:- (1) Dm C Lassana gomman yaamaye Sudu mal suwanda wuna Bb A Igilena Samanaliye Oba maa nethu sasala kalaa Dm C Rayak pura sihina gena Nethu piyawei obe nura Bb C F Piniwata addara indala Roo
КУРЫ-ГУСИ Am F E Одни говорят: Достала политика, Am F E Другие кричат: Ну, надоела попса. Am F E Перекрестный огонь доморощенных критиков, Am F E В сп
Armenian National Anthem - Barsegh Kanachyan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Hayaser ( Tuning:EADGBe e|--------------------------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 17:02:24 -0300 From: Brandon Mitchell Subject: m/misc_television/ Budweiser Song Drop D Tuning Brandon Mitcell - This is all my own work. I was bored one day, and I saw this commercial on tv, So I decided to t
Blackberry Blossom |-------7--------------------------------------------------------------| |--8-10---8-7-8-10-7---7-8-------------------------------------------7-| |-------------------9-----9-7-----------------------------7--------9---| |-----------
Am Dm E7 Am Белая метелица замела тайгу, Am Dm G C Снег кружится, стелется - вся тайга в снегу. A7 Dm Через пни болотные, A7 Dm Через бурелом... (надо выде
G:/----6-8-7----------- (intro--| D:/----6-8-7--------------------| x2 A:/----6-8-7--------------------| E:/----6-8-7------66--88--------| (VERSE) D:/--------------------------------------------------| G:/-------------------66666666------------------
D A Bm G El hombre se ... D de todo m... A A Bm G de villas ... D o barrio ... A A Bm A toda epoca ... A Bm A de un r... G F#m para subir .... Em G D A del gran .... G F#m con una ... Em G D A y-otra ... D Va cabal.... G A D el mayor .... A G F#m y m
Tabbed by Spencer Standard Tuning This is opening of the insuance commercial with the big blue guy... E---3--3--3----7--7--7----8--8--8-------------------------------| B---3--3--3----7--7--7----8--8--8-------------------------------| G---0--0--0----8