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5th of 10 E||-----------------------------|-----------------------------| B||--------7--5-----------------|--------7--5-----------------| G||--------6--4-----------------|--------6--4-----------------| D||--------7--5--------------2--|--------7--5---
This is my 5th tab. I love Celebrity Deathmatch, it's a really funny show, but I couldn't find the tab for the theme music, so I figured it out and it was quite easy. Actually, I've never seen the opening for one of the episodes, so I don't if this i
-------------------------------------- He's Got the Whole World in His Hands -------------------------------------- tabbed by North Georgia Boy key of c VERSE 1 C He's got the whole world in His hands G7 He's got the whole world in His hands C He's g
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLUES ON THE DOUBLE - Misc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Travis Wong Email: [email protected] Hey guys! Thi
B А ты сегодня вообще ничего D А у меня такой хреновый день F Но у нас есть немного хлеба D Одна сигарета и пара идей на вечер B Мы не пойдем в
Composed by: Ron Grainer Tabbed by: Not So Great Juja (Tom Horses) You'll have to listen to the song for the timing. e|------------------------------| B|-0-/13-12~------15-\3---------| G|------------------------------| D|---------------------/9~-----
Never be like you Vers 1 A You really think everybody loves you G A But in fact there
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 13:24:27 EST From: [email protected] Subject: m/misc_traditional/ Artist: (Traditional) Title: Guantanamera Tuning: normal (E A D G B e) Tabbed by: Schadi ([email protected]) It couldn't find a tab for
This is the beyblade theme 100% correct . (note: this is not the jap version this is the English version of the show) L.S TABS Artist: sick kid Title: beyblade theme Intro/main riff e-------------1--s---2-------------------------------6--s--7----- b-
Куплет: Россия - священная наша держава Россия - любимая наша страна 1--------------------------------------------------- 2----1----0-----------------------------------0-1-3- 3-0----0-2-------2-0
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“The Caroline Song” Written & Tabbed by Jon Armstrong [Intro] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 10:12:41 +1000 From: Kevin Woodgate Subject: m/misc_traditional/ Amazing Grace Transcribed by K Woodgate Easy melody Version G C G D7 e|-----|--------|----------|--------|----------|-----------|---------|-----
my name is nick stafford im a member of you forum thing and i was wondering if you could post my tab for the song "Dixie" since there was no tab there before. my e mail is [email protected] if you need to contact me thank you Dixie verse G--
This is the punk remix of Cillit Bang (the TV commercial). This is my first tab :P Have fun, I've played this a few times with my band =) a/b=slide from a to b *=PM after the note is played Riff 1: Intro & first verse E-------------------------------