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transcribed by: Andrew M. Dunnington this song is so cool I made it up yesterday. play realy fast, this is a ska song. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + e-x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5] b-x-6-x-6-x-6-x-6] g-x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5] d----------------] a----------------] e----------------] 1
Aggressive Audio - Senior Citizen Fake Tab by:Pepito Bass Guitar Tab This is our own version sa bass...peke ni...hehehe pero tsada xa in fairness... :) Intro: G|-------------------------------------------------| D|-------------5-5-5-0-5-0-3-3-3-0-3-0
Am Один мой товарищ любил прыгнуть с вышки, G И в воздухе вертелся, как волчок. Am Теперь он в больнице, замучала отдышка - Dm Am G Am Не тем ударил
Solo or refrain, give this a try. THEN SINGS MY SOUL,My saviour ... .. . e|-----------------------------------| B|------3-1-3-1----------------------| G|-----3--------3-0--3-3-2-----0-----| D|-3-3-------------3---------3--3-0--| A|-------------------
For All The Saints. Music By Ralph Vaughn Williams. Transcribed for solo guitar by William Betts. The rhythim markings are pretty self-explanatory. hold for the number of beats listed above the chord. Asterisks are eighth notes. r:1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1
this is that cool assed circus song you here everywhere. Mostly at the circus though. And you will not stop playing it because its annoying and catchy. |-9-8-7h8p7-6-5-----------------------------------------------------| |---------------8-7-8---9-8-
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White:Alan Dale. #14 in 1955. #1. D Bm Em7 A7 It's cherry pink and apple blossom white, Em7 A7 D when your true lover comes your way. D Bm Em7 G It's cherry pink and apple blossom white, A7 D the poets say. #2. D Bm Em7
Nothing but the Blood G Em What can wash away my sin? G C D G Nothing but the blood of Jesus. G Em What can make me whole again? G C D G Nothing but the blood of Jesus. G Oh, precious is the flow, D C That makes me white as snow; G Em No other fount
D7 Вышел на улицу - флаги на домах E В воздухе песни и мат почем зря D7 Пьяное быдло вышло встречать E Очередную годовщину Октября D7 Менты сто
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #---------
Aм Бонжур,мадам... А7 Dм Вам пишет Ваш поручик,- Е Ам Ваш бывший друг и баловень судьбы. Ам Он в этот миг,мадам, А7 Dм Целует ваши руки Е Ам И шеп
E7 Я устал, я не спал E7 Целый год я не спал, целый год я был просто пьян И наплевать, наплевать E7 На то, что скажешь мне ты, и на то, что скажу т
Funny Shadow By Age Pryor and Tessa Rain Tabbed by Dan Cobb C F C All you want is for her to say the words. Am F C All you want is for her to say them now. F Am You want her to tell you fast. F G C You want her to tell you slow. And she's lighting an
This is a song that our band wrote and it goes sommat like this. Intro G|-----------------------------| D|77-------3--5--77-------3--5-| A|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------| Bridge G|-----------------| D|-----------------
Dragonball GT American opening theme Ok, so I've been trying to find this tab for a while. I've not been able to find it, instead I find the other theme, I think from the Japanese show. At any rate, I decided to tab it out by ear myself, and I did. N