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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humoresque of a Little Dog - Earthbound ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Xaaxuu Tuning:Standard Intro 0:01 - 0:08
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facility - Goldeneye Source ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: daware14 Email: Album: Goldeneye
Newsgroups:, Path: convex convex sunic seunet garion a18 ssbpany From: ssb
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll Be Home for Christmas ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Dave S. Email: Tuning: Standard Gt
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LISA'S PROTEST SONG - The Simpsons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed By: Kaylie Tse Email: STANDARD TUN
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 12:36:33 EST From: Subject: m/misc_television/ from: Moony ( date: 4th November 2003 subject: Blackadder TAB It seems to me that there are no other attempts to tab the Blackadder
standard tuning EADGBe this is my first tab ever so be gentle ok here i go ------0-2-4-0-------| --------------------| --------------------| X2 --------------------| --------------------| --------------------| ------4-5-7---------| ------------------
Intro: e----10-10-12-12-------10-10---| b----------------12-12---------| g------------------------------| d------------------------------| x2 a------------------------------| E------------------------------| Interlude: e-10-10-12-12-15-15-14-13-12-11
From: (Peter Palmer) Subject: TAB: Deck The Halls with Boughs of Holly (Christmas) Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly C G F C F C F G C |-3-----1-0------|---------0------|---0-1---0------|----------------| |-------------3--
----------------------------------------------------------------- Song- d.m.c.(opening theme from Devil May Cry Anime Vol.1) Band- Rungran ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:titaniachkt Tuning:Standard [EADGBe
Date: Mon, 08 May 1995 13:17:56 -0700 From: Bo Parker Subject: Re: Legal stuff... To: THE GRAVE OF BONAPARTE Traditional, Arr. N. amp; N. Blake G C D On a lone, barren isle, ... G D Assail the stern rock and the ... G C G The h
This song was covered by many artists but is credited to J.A. Roff, who had it written a of sheet music published in 1882 called "The Great Rock Island Route." The lyrics vary by artist. I tabbed this from sheet music that was in my Basic Musicianshi
Xref: Path: not-for-mail From: parker_b%aplvax.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (Bo Parker) Newsgroups:,
"A Whole New World" - from Aladdin(Disney) Lyrics: Tim Rice Music: Alan Menken Transcribed by: Dave McGinn ( D D/G D X2 D D/G D I can show you the world D D/G Bm A/C# Shining, shimmering, splendid Em F#7 Bm Tell me, princess, no
the real way to play super mario and by mario (me) if u see this * at end of the meger that mean to reapet to the other line that ends with * and this song is long kinda but its worth it soo practice hard and mybe u can play it fast like me soo conta