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From: [email protected] A BABY JUST LIKE YOU John Denver, J. Henry (c) 1975 The ..[D A7 G D] A ..[G A D] And ...[D A7 G D] I .[Em7 A7 D] The .. dull .. Oh ..[Bm E A G] You've ..[D A7 D] You've ..[Bm E A G] And ..[D A7 D] A .. with .. That .. you .. It
Один взгляд назад Em G Забытую песню несет ветерок Am В задумчивых травах звеня Em G Напомнив, что есть на земле уголок Am Hm Em Где радость любил
Туманный вечер C Am (1) Туманный вечер, на город опустился Dm G Погасли свечи, и дело шито-крыто Укутав плечи, гуляют синьорины Туманным взоро
So this was like the easiest thing ever. This should be right because I took it straight of sheet music. Send corrections and blah blah blah G------------------------------------------| D------------------------------------------| A---8-8-8--10-12-12
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these are all zelda tabs but the 1rst one is eponas song and the 2nd one is a song from majoras mask or ocarina of time but im not sure what it is yet but if u know what it is then plz e-mail me at [email protected] , or if u know any other zelda
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 00:58:41 -0700 From: Andrew Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ Misc. computer game tab Ultima 6,7, amp; Serpent Isle theme music Stones - TAB song written by - Tab written by - Andrew Prefontaine This is one of those
Em Над Москвою горько небо кается F#m Тихо плачет и падает дождь Em Тучи с ветром с утра толкаются F#m Наши чувства уносят прочь. Em Пахнет стра
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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 01:38:02 +1000 From: Kevin Woodgate Subject: m/misc_irish/ Black Velvet Band Traditional Irish Song Transcribed by K Woodgate Easy melody Version G C D7 e|-----|---------------|-------------|---------------
Espn Extreme Games This is if you put the playstation game "Espn Extreme Games" in a cd player. Bass h = Hammer-on S = Slap P = Pop Track 3 G|----------------------------|----------------------------| D|----------------------------|------------------
My Dad the Rock Star Theme Nicktoons Productions Standard tuning (Distortion) Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 Guitar 1 Verse 1 "It's so hard just to feel normal..." E|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--------------------------| x2 D|
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humoresque of a Little Dog - Earthbound ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Xaaxuu Tuning:Standard Intro 0:01 - 0:08