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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Castlevania III - Beginning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: xberserkx Email: E||--------
This is my first tab so expect mistakes. I did it cause its simple and I like the song 4 years in French class. Please comment good or bad just wanna know how I did. Are you sleeping?X2 Brother JohnX2 E[----------------------------------][-----------
Рекомендуемый рисунок: Перебор-(бас-3-2-1-2-3) Припев-боем-(вниз-вниз-вверх-вверх-вниз-вверх) Вступление: A7 (2 раза) A# В этом метро A7 Есть у меня
From: Subject: TAB: traditional Irish jig Thanks to those who responded to my posting of a traditional Scots tune. Here's a traditional Irish jig (6/8 time) with suggested chords. Play part 1 twice then part 2 twice. The note marked
Тина Am C Dm E (1) Тихо над речкою, месяц поднимается Dm E Am A7 В дали кто-то песню поёт, Dm G C Am А между тиною, тиною зелёною Dm E Am A7 Девичье тело плывё
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neptune - Sailor Moon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Sandro (samanosuke486 on here) email: samanosuke486 AT ya
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSYCHO DAD SONG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:lockdown91 Tuning: EADGBE (standard)
From: AWAY IN A MANGER Traditional c1887 Away in a manger, [D] no crib for a bed [G D] The little Lord Jesus [A7] lay down his sweet head [G D] The stars in the sky [D] look down where he lay [G D] The little Lord Jesus [A7 D] asleep
Yesterday Каждый, я думаю, сочиняет что-либо. У меня неплохо получаются пародии. Вот одна из них... (На мотивчик Yersterday) F Em7 A7 Dm За окном .... снова н
From: Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 01:19:10 EDT Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ Transcribed by Dominic Monfre (all my own work) Hymn of the Fayth written by Nobuo Uematsu yi=09e=09...=09... d------------
e|-------------------------3-6-3-------------------------| b|---------------------3-6-------6-3---------------------| g|---------------3-5-6---------------6-5-3---------------| D|-----------3-5---------------------------5-3-----------| A|-----3-4-5--
Шутка 1---------------------------------------------------------- 2-------8-10-------------3-5------------5-6----------0-2--- 3----10------10-------5---------------7-----7-----2------2- 4----------------------------------------------------------
Yes, this is taken from a powertab originally by robotwithawing, but I have fixed some minor mistakes and formatted it for ASCII. This is generated from an imported MIDI file, so the notes are 100% accurate. The only issue possible would be notes bei
From (Jones Jack Trevor) ~Subject: TAB - God Rest Ye ... ~Date: 17 Dec 1993 11:24:32 +0800 In article (G JACKSON) writes: Does anyone have a good TAB version of this carol please Here you go, GRYMY arranged
RADICAL DREAMERS Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda Words by: Noriko Mitose Acoustic Guitar: Tomohiko Kira Vocal: Noriko Mitose Recorded & Mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima Assistant Engineer: Ken Hiranai Recording Coordinator: Kenichi Funayama (Tabbed