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Конкурс на лучший кавер
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This is the full version of the song 100% right Main Riff: e|-------8-----6-----5----------8-----6-----5--------------------------------| B|--6-6-----6-----6-----6----6-----6-----6-----6-----------------------------| G|-------------------------------
HEART ACHES BY THE NUMBER by Ray Price no tablature provided
Blue Gender Opening Theme Tokihanate (Set Me Free) Tabbed by Paul Cosgrove ([email protected]) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------->> * = palm mute ^ = bend -------------------------------------
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This isn't the introduction theme (because that is all just beats and techno-kind of but this is a tune that it played often throughout the show. This is played not to quickly, not too slowly. Just a moderate speed. -----2--4--6---4-------2--4--6---4
E||--15----------------------------------| B||--------------------17----16----------| G||--------------17----------------------| D||--------17----------------------17----| A||--------------------------------------| E||--------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAGAYAKE! GIRLS - From
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pelog scale - Misc scales ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:steve the man Email:[email protected] Tuning:standard
Christmas Songs - Jingle Bell Rock Submitted By: rap_boy EMail: [email protected] G|-7-7-7--6-6-6-4-6-4-0--3-4-6-4-066-4-6-4-0--002-346-40-234-6-4-6-4-66-77777-7 D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A
В оригинальной тональности: Fm Помоги, Боже, только ты сможешь A# - 2 раза A# Однажды я ушла за родной порог A# Выйдя на одну из тысячи дорог A# И
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 15:48:19 +0100 From: Richard Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ Manic Miner themes From the 1983 Matthew Smith/Bug-Byte/Software Projects game On Sinclar ZX Spectrum (Later to appear on Coupй and Gameboy) Sent in by Ri
From: [email protected] (Alec Horgan) The words are by, I believe, Robert Burns. Please check me on this. Some English poet, anyway. I ain't an English major. I don't know who originally set it to music, but here goes: Auld Lang Syne F C7
From: [email protected] (Mark Rogers) HO HO HO Since the holiday season is coming soon I thought I'd post a TAB for Deck the Halls. It's an arrangement one of my teachers gave me last year. It's easy to play and it sounds good. The long i