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Well, instead of the traditional christmas songs, lets add a little bit of fun into the tabs.... so here i have modified the lyrics for fun...enjoy and have a very very merry christmas! ho ho ho! Dashing through the snow On a one-horse open sleigh [G
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------
This is the song I've figured out by ear. This is my second tab. The entire song is on lead btw. e--9b11-9-------------------------------------------------| b---------12-11-12--11h12p11p9----------------------------| g--------------------------------
Cotton Eyed Joe Verse 1: G C Way back yonder a long time ago G D G Daddy had a man called Cotton-Eyed Joe G C Blew into town on a travelin' show G D G Nobody danced like the Cotton-Eyed Joe Chorus: G Em Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cotton-Eyed Joe G D G Where di
Title: Duke Nukem 3D Theme Artist: Lee Jackson, Copyright © 1995 Tuning: Standard tuning (G,D,A,E) Tabbed by: Jonas Eriksson ([email protected]) ------------------------------------------------- Intro - 1 G|--------------------------------------
Away in the Manger - Christmas Tradional Here is an easy fingerpicking song that you can play around the table during Christmas time. Away in the Manger - Tabbed by LennonsDisciple Any questions? [email protected] Check me out on youtube - Lennons
here's how i've transcribed,by ear,the bar bones of the donkey kong theme's main riff: e--------5---------------------------6----------5------------| B-----------------6-8-6-----------------------8---8-5--------| G---5--5----------------7--------7-7-
::Sakura Saku:: Love Hina Opening Lyrics from ( Tabbed by Paul Cosgrove ([email protected]) Notes:------------------------------------------------------------------------>> I have no idea AT
Battlefield 1942 Theme Tabbed by Stannerjnr There are several different aspects of this song. The main riff of this theme is: E|---------|---------| B|---------|---------| G|-----5-5-|-4-4-2-2-| This riff is repeated throughout. D|-5-5-7-7-|-5-5-4-4-
GREENER PASTURES by Wilma Lee and Stony Cooper no tablature provided
E-------4----6---4------------4------------4----------------------| B--4---------------------4---------6--6---------6---4--2--1-------| G-----------------------------------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------------
Artist/Game: The Ultimate Doom Song: E1M9: Military Base Transcribed by Kyle "Tsunekuni" Kraschneske Music by Robert Prince This one is in stanard tuning with some overdrive, and this is from special level from Episode 1 if you don't recognize it. I
E||---5-3-1-0-1-0----0-1-3-1-0------0-----| B||-3---------------3-------------1---3---| G||---------------------------------------| D||---------------------------------------| A||---------------------------------------| E||---------------------------
BJ THE DJ by Stonewall Jackson no tablature provided
Irish National Anthem Guitar Tab ||||||||||| Not finished properly but it sounds good (Distortion sounds niiiice when playing this ;o) ) Sнnnе Fianna Fбil…Атб faoi gheall ag Йirinn…Вuноn dбr slua… That toinn a тнбnig chugainn E --