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From: Johnathan Kool Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 23:47:52 -0500 Subject: m/misc_christmas/lo_how_a_rose_eer_blooming.crd From: Johnathan Kool LO HOW A ROSE E'ER BLOOMING (Traditional) This is a great Christmas tune. You can play partial or full chords - bo
Counter-Strike Intro: Em Am D7 G AM Em H Em Verse 1: Em H Мы каждый день, мы каждый день в контру пуляем, Am D7 G H Берем броню, четыре-три или калаш, Em E7 Am В аркаду прем
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lion King - Lion Sleeps Tonight ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- this is my first tab so if you can rate it, please do it. this
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donkey Kong Country 2: Lockjaw's Saga- Misc Computer Games ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:aziz razavi Email:azi
TV show: Bad Lad's Army Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) MAIN RIFF 1 (played in the opening theme): 7-7-7-6-8-7-3-0| ---------------| ---------------| ---------------| ---------------| ---------------| MAIN RIFF 2 (played in the closing credits): ----------
Light and Fluffy Time ( Fuwa Fuwa Time ) Kindly Like This Page thank u and support and Thank u and Enjoy Intro: E A B E A B E A B E A B E A E E/Eb KIMI wo mite
|>> CRUEL ANGEL'S THESIS >>| | NEON GENESIS EVANGELION | |>BRIDGE: Dakedo itsuka kidzuku deshou sono senaka ni wa haruka mirai mezasu tame no hane ga aru koto >>CHORUS: Zankoku not tenshi no te-ze madobe kara yagate tobitatsu hotobashiru atsui patosu
Harmonic Minor and its Modes Basically the same as the natural minor scale only you raise the seventh degree of the scale. Although slightly unconventional, I favour diagonal, 2 octave box shapes for illustrating and playing scales. I have shown then
This is the song in Level 20: Gotcha! and 26 The Abondoned Mines. G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------
Hello: I have been thinking this site needs a scales catagory; after all, that's what the basis of solos are. So everyone needs to submit different scales and examples to build a strong new catagory of scales. A Major Pentatonic Scale |--------------
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1|----1--3-3-6-8-10-13-10-8-6-3-10-8-3-10-8-3-1----------------| 2|-3--------------------------------------------3--------------| 3|-------------------------------------------------------------| 4|-----------------------------------------------------
Christmas Song - God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen Submitted By: Chris EMail: [email protected]: ~-let ring x-don't play h-hammer Chords: Em B7 C G B Am D e---0---4---0---3---2---0---2---| b---0---0---1---0---4---1---3---| g---0---3---0---0---4---2
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 17:55:20 -0500 From: Sean Connolly Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 01:26:18 -0400 From: Jake Boone Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ Author/Artist: Nintendo Title: Super Mario Bros. Theme Transcribed by: Jake Boone E