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Christmas Songs - God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Submitted By: Tyler EMail: [email protected] ------------------------------------ -------7-7-5---------------5-7------ --0-5--------8-7-5---5-7-8---------- -------------------8---------------- ------
Светлова Татьяна Одинокая звезда Fm Hmb Cm (1) Сонный город спрятанный в ночи Fm Hmb Cm Встречен он неоновым огнем Fm Hmb Cm И звездою с неба соскочи Fm
Ой, мороз, мороз Am E Am E Am G C (1) Ой, мороз-мороз, не морозь меня, Dm Am G C E Am Hе морозь меня, моего коня. (2) Hе морозь меня, моего коня, Моего коня бело
The whole song is played with the same chords. Have fun and merry christmas! ;) G D7 G Leise rieselt der Schnee, C G Still und starr liegt der See, D7 B7 Em Weihnachtlich gl
the main bass riff in Survival on the Street of Insincerity. G|-----------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------| A|------------2-2--2-3-2-----------------2-2--2-3-2----| E|-0-0-0--3-2-----
Intro: F C Am G e:-----3--------------------------| B:-0-1----------------------------| G:--------------------------------| D:--------------------------------| A:--------------------------------| E:--------------------------------| (Play this after y
LAURA,WHAT'S HE GOT THAT I AIN'T GOT no tablature provided
The Jetsons theme song |------------------------|------------------------|---------------------------| |------------------------|------------------------|---------------------------| |------------------------|----14-14-16-17-17---14-|-14--------16-17
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|---1-3-3-6-8-10-13-10-8-6-3--10-8-3--10-8-3--1------------| |-3---------------------------------------------3----------| play slowly.. |----------------------------------------------------------| and play |-------------------------------------------
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------
Bend of Time Chrono Cross By: Yasunori Mitsuda This is the song that you hear when you go to the island right under themain island called the "Bend of Time". The song is also named after the place |-5-----0-2-3---0-|-----------5-----|-0-2-3-2-5-0----
...SHAUN THE SHEEP... TV Theme ---------------------......... *from the TV Series 2007* Verse 1: D He's Shaun the sheep, he's Shaun the sheep. He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat. A7 (n.C) Keep it in mind; he's one of a kind. G D A7 D Oh.
Школьный роман Am (1) Окончен школьный pоман, Dm До дыp зачитанной книжкой E Hо не поставленный кpест, Am E Как пеpепyтье y ног. Подpyжка сводит с yма