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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Galdov - Chrono Cross ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Xaxu Tuning:Standard This was orginally in gp3. fo
Орден (1) Am Dm Мне старушка одна на базаре, поохав, сказала G C Как не стыдно, сынок, свою жизнь начинать с обмана Am Dm Где то орден купил, нацепи
Атомная бомба Em A E B Пеpвый pаз я вышла замyж, когда мне было 7 лет, Втоpой pаз я вышла замyж, когда кyпила пистолет, Тpетий pаз я вышла замyж, когд
So I pretty much just sat down and was goofing around and figured this out, its probably right, but its close. You might want to play with it a bit to get it to sound right, I it on acoustic, but it should work on anything. This is the intro the the
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 16:34:36 -0400 (EDT) From: Glenn Estes Subject: Glendale Train by New Riders of the Purple Sage Resent-to: [email protected] To: Greg Vaughn , guitar archive MIME-version: 1.0 Newsgroups: I
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beyblade Opening Theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Cullie Email: [email protected] Tuning: Standard E A
G A Bm A G A Em E G A Bm A G A Bm B G A Bm A Osanai te ni tsutsunda G A Em F#m furueteru sono hikari wo G A Bm A koko made tadotte kita G A F#m jikan no fuchi wo samayoi G A Bm A Sagashitsudzukete kita yo G A Em F#m namae sae shiranai keredo G A Bm A
Тварь Куплеты играются арпеджио(перебором) 321, припев - шестеркой. Куплеты надо играть тихо, размерено, мелодично, а припев проорать Am На у
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heart Goes Boom!! - K-ON! (sung by Youko Hisaka) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Nokogi Email:[email protected]
donkey kong jr theme and level 1 donkey kong jr TRANSCRIBED BY RUDY GUZMAN [email protected] this is the intro and the first 2 stages of level 1 intro *******toccata mario lifting donkey kong***** e:-----------------------------------------------
I didn't do this originally, please give credit to original poster. Happy Xmas John Lennon A-sequence 002220 002200 002230 002220 So this is Ch.... Bm-sequence 224432 224422 224452 224432 And what .... E-sequence 022200 022100 024100 022100 Another y
The First Noel, traditional English carol arranged by John E. Norlin for two guitars (also note that the second part could be played on a bass, if desired) 3/4 time e||------|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------| B||------
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RIDER IN THE RAIN - RANDY NEWMAN ( lyrics partly from, beware of errors ) Slow, relaxed, like if yer riding a horse, kinda. C/G F C/G F C/G Got a gun in my holster, got ... F C/G G C/G and I'm goin' to Arizona, pardon .... (same chords) I
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPANISH WALTZ (Store Theme) - Castle Crashers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Kevin Hoopes Email: [email protected]