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Face as performed by the band beck (not odelay beck) From the anime series beck the series is about a band trying to make it in japan, has great rock music in it, i it to anyone in a band. _A_____Asus4_____Dmaj7____G___G/F# e-------------------------
From: Corey Martin Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 00:30:01 +0000 Song: Legend of Zelda Theme song Artist: Not sure Tabbed By: Corey Martin From the video game The Legend of Zelda for the NES I could not find a tab f
Artist: Misc Christmas Song:Give love on christmas day Tabbed by:Lord Ranier Sagrado Give Love On Christmas Day Intro C-Cm9-D-Dm9 (2x) I C Dm7 People making lists Em7 Buying special gifts, Am Dm7 G7 Taking time to be kind to one and all Cm Dm7 It's t
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:14:49 -0400 From: chris Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ The Super Mario Bros. (Overworld) Theme song Written by Luis A-Solis Tabbed by Chris Vandergaag It sang to you incessantly for hours
7-40 Еврейский народный танец 1-ю часть играть два раза, 2-ю - один раз. 1-я часть: 1)------------------------------------ 2)0---0---0---0-3--0-3-0-3-0-3-7-3-7-5 3)---0---0---0-------------------
i played this on youtube watch it if you cant play it properly G5 G#5 A5 D5 C5 4/4 Gtr I E E E E E E E E W Q e E H |-3-3-3-4---4-5---|----------|-----10-----------| |-3-3-3-4---4-5---|-------
Verso/Verse: E Asus2 Full moon sways... C#m Bsus2 Asus2 Gently in the night of one fine day. E Asus2 On my way... C#m Bsus2 Asus2 Looking for a moment with my dear. E Asus2 Full moon waves. C#m Bsus2 Asus2 Slowly on the surface of the lake. E Asus2 Y
Dueling Banjos -------------- from the movie _Deliverance_, by Eric Weissberg I haven't actually heard the song in a while, I basically just grew up hearing my dad pick out pieces of it. Here's what I know. The song is actually played with a guitar a
C major n 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 |-x-|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-| |-x-|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-| |-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|-x-|---|-x-| |-x-|---|-x-|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|---|-x-|-x-|---|-x
Song: Vampire Killer From: Castlevania Tabbed by: Judasrising666 Email: [email protected] Note: This is not the version of Vampire Killer heard in any of the games as far as I this is a rock/metal version I found online, so please don't
FAREWELL TO NOVA SCOTIA by Anne Murray no tablature provided
Nobody has a tab for this, so I decided to figure it out. Enjoy =) Tuning: Standard ( E A D G B e ) -------------| Legend: | h: Hammer On | p: Pull Off | v: Vibrato | .: Palm Mute | -------------| Spawn Riff E|--------15----15----15----15----15------
Beck... Anime Singers: Kyouki and Maho Live Singers: Sowelu Verse: (brush chords) E Asus2 |--0-----0--------------------0--------------| |--0-------0------------------0-----0--------| |--1---------3----------------2--------------| |--2---------------
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 13:01:35 -0400 From: THE BROWNS Subject: m/misc_television/ The Three Stooges: melody ||-------|----0--0--|----0--0--|----4--2--0--|----0--5--|----------| ||-------|----------|----------|-------------|----------|--