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From mongeau@NMC.ED.RAY.COM (Michael Mongeau) ~Subject: TAB: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear ~Date: Sat, 14 Nov 92 14:57:00 GMT In response to the request for Christmas songs, here is an arrangement of It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. The song is in 3/4
I know there is another list of chords out there but this is in an easier form to read, and a few minor changes: G G7 C C7 Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities G A7 Am7 D7 Forget about your worry and your strife G G7 C C7 I mean
This is the bass riff for the basic battle music that you here throughout the game. You can play it an octave lower, but I think it sounds better and cooler up high. G |----------------------------------------------| D |------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Major and Minor scales ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed By : Zero is great man. Tuning: Standard: Low to high: EADG
Hey, I'm Joe (how you doin'?) and these are just some righteous scales that I love. All these tabs are just scales that I jam around with. Also, I'm a fingerpicker by trade and when I need to sharpen up my left hand I run these scales. I'm not theory
e|-------2-------2-------2-------2-------0-------0-------3-------3-| B|-----0-----0---------0-----0---------0-----0---------0-----0-----| G|---2---------2-----2---------2-----0---------0-----0---------0---| D|-0---------------0---------------0-------
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:06:36 -0700 From: Sean Connolly Subject: m/misc_comp_games/ Well, my third tab :) This is yet ANOTHER Nintendo tab. Please finger pick it if you can.. It's good training. You wouldn't belive how fingerpick
Песня про Бобби G C G D D7 D6 G (1) С рождения Бобби пай-мальчиком был, (молодец) G C G Имел Бобби хобби -- он деньги любил, (хороший мальчик) G D D7 D6 G Лю
СТАРИНА Am Dm Пора в дорогу, старина, подъем пропет, E Am Ведь ты же сам мечтал услышать, старина, Dm Как на заре стучатся волны в парапет, E Am И ч
'Pause Screen' Guitar E----------------------------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------------------------| G-5--------5--------5--------5-----------------------------------| D----5-7-5----5-7-5----4-6-
***GANGPLANK GALLEON*** G-------------------------------------------------| D-------------------------------------------------| A--5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-3--------------------------| E----------------------- x4 (starting at about 23-| seconds) G--------
From Tue Oct 31 22:05:15 1995 Message-Tag: 2810 Return-Path: Received: from by (5.0/SMI-4.1) id AA14788; Tue, 31 Oct 1995 22:05:15 -0600 Received: by (8.6.12/8.6.12) id XAA06
A whole new world- Aladdin soundtrack Transcribed by Matt Lefler I you put this into microsoft word it will fix the legnth problem e|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-3-1-4-3-----3-1-4-3---3-4-3-1--1-0-3-1---3-1-0-1
E||---------------------------------------|----------------| B||-----------------2x--------------------|----------------| G||---------------------------------------|----------------| D||-(12p)11----11--13-13--11--13^--13p11--|----------------| A||---