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...AQUA MARINA... TV Theme -----------------......... (Closing Titles from Stingray) *from the TV Series 1950* *CAPO 3rd FRET* (Original Key: Cm) Intro: Am7 D7, Gmaj7 Em7 Verse 1: Am7 D7 Gmaj7 Em7 Ma-rina, Aqua Ma-rina. Am7 What are these strange enc
Well, there were a lot of replies for this. Thanks, everyone for the help I put the chords in that the Dickies use in their version. Dan Bananna Splits Theme (the Tra La La song) thanks to Steve Norton (Silicon Sailor) Ben McTernan David Deisley Scot
CHRISTMAS by Blues Traveller from "A Very Special Christmas III" C F Comes the time for Christmas G Am And I really have to ask Am Dm If this is feeling merry G C How much longer must it last? C F I wish a one horse open sleigh G Am Would come carry
From: CHRISTMAS FOR COWBOYS S. Weisberg (c) 1975 [C G D7 G] Tall in the saddle we ...[C G D7 Em] Drivin' the cattle on the snow-.... [C G D7 G] All of the good gifts ...[C G D7 Em] Ours is the sky and the ...[C G D7 G]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chuckie Cheese's Theme Song - Misc Children ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: 97rs24 Email:
Playstation 2 Dragonball Z Budokai 1- 3 Theme in game for many levels. E A D G B E l-------------------------------------------|l l---8--8--7-----6-6--5----8--8--7-----6--6--|l l---7--7--7-----5-5--5----7--7--7-----5--5--|l l-------------------------
Знай я все ещё люблю тебя F Em7 A7 Dm За окном.... снова ночь и в темноте ночной B C7 F B [13331x] Постоянно вижу облик твой. C Dm7 G7 B F Ну почему ты не со мн
Away in a manger, no crib for a bed G -9-9--7-----------------------------| D --------10-10--9---7--7-------------| A ---------------------------10--8-7--| E ------------------------------------| The little lord Jesus, lay down His sweet head G -----
Вот пуля просвистела Am C -----A-|---|-A-|--- Вот пуля просвистела и в грудь попала мне -----|-|---|-|-|--- Dm Am -----|-|---|-|-|--- Спасся я встепи на лихом коне -----|-V--
HUNGARIAN GYPSY SCALE by SlashWyldePage Tuning: standard (EADGBe) Email any questions to jason*at*kusterer*dot*us |------------------------------------------------2--3--4------| |---------------------------------------1--3--4---------------| |-------
Alex Kidd In Miracle World Song: Title Screen Melody Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) Tabber: Dan Fallows (Sick of you) E-------3--6-|------4--8-|-6--6--10------11--11--11--11--11-| B--4--4------|-6--6------|-----------11---------------------| G------------
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU ( Mariah Carey ) Intro: ( carillon arranged for guitar ) G e:-------------------------|-------------------------|| B:-------------------------|-------------------------|| G:-------------0-----------|----------0--------
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Finnish christmas song "Joulu On Taas". Tabbed by: T3NNu Email: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---2-2-------2-2-----------------------------------------------------------| G|-------4-