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Well, this is the guitar part of the Episode Title know, this thingy when episode's title's shown...w/e I'm quite sure it's correct, so have fun playing it! v = vibrato e-15p12p11--12p11-----------------------------------| b--------------
Песенка Чебурашки. Сл. Э. Успенский, Муз. В. Шаинский Am E7 Am Я был когда-то странной игрушкой безымянной, C G7 C К которой в магазине никто не по
G Minor Pentatonic Scale |------------------------------3--| |-------------------------3--6----| |-------------------3--5----------| |-------------3--5----------------| |----1--3--5----------------------| |-3-------------------------------|
BED OF ROSES by The Statler Brothers no tablature provided
Hey, this is the bass tab for the song! Enjoy! =) CHORUS |--------|--------|--------|--------|--------------| |--------|--------|--------|--------|--------------| |--------|--3(x8)-|--5(x8)-|--2(x8)-|--7(x4)-5(x4)-| |--------|--------|--------|------
I do not own this tab....however i found it and thoguht I might add it to seeing it is not own the database atm . credit goes to: it said that it was already uploaded to but i coundt
Как мадонна на иконе... (1) Am Dm Как мадонна на иконе G C Среди хлопкового поля Dm E Am Ты стоишь, накрыв лицо трусами, Если ты сгоришь до боли Я те
ALMOST PERSUADED by David Houston no tablature provided
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pink Elephants on Parade - Walt Disney ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Marc Woodford Tuning: Standard e|-------
Game: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Song: Janken Game Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) Tabber: Dan Fallows (Sick of you) E--17----15-17--17-----15-|-20----------------|----------15-15--------| B-----17-----------17-----|----22--20--22--22-|-20----17-------15-1
Sacred Ground (Wu Zhang Plains theme)[Dynasty Warriors 2/3] ------------------------------------------------------------ For those of you who have played the game Dynasty Warriors 2 or 3, this is the theme from one of Shu's final missions, the battle
e--------|-----0--------|------------------|------0--------|-------------------| h--------|-1-1---1----1-|---1-----------0--|-1-1---1----1--|--3-1-----------0--| G--0-2---|--------------|-3----2-0-3-0-2---|---------------|------3-2-0-0-2----| D------
Я Милого узнаю по походке Hm F# Hm H7 (1) А я милого узнаю по походке. D A D H7 Он носит, носит брюки галифэ. Em Hm А шляпу он носит на панаму, F# Hm H7 Ботин
----------------------------------------------------------------- DBZBUDOKAI 3 THEME ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tuning: Standard e|-------------------------------14-16-14------------------------| B|--17--17--17-
C Fm C Fm C Fm C Ab Eb C# Cm Ab G C (key change) D Gm D Gm D Gm D Bb F Eb Dm Bb A D LYRICS Hush now my baby Be still, love, don't cry Sleep as you're rocked by the stream Sleep and remember My last lullaby So I'll be with you when you dream River, o