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Now this has to be one of the most complicated songs I've ever tabbed in my life! (Hahaha) Actually, it's the first song I've ever tabbed, so technically it is the hardest too. Well anywho. Enough with my rambling... if it's not correct then boo-hoo
---------------------------------------------------------------------- A minor Pentatonic Scale ---------------------------------------------------------------------- By:Jay Greene e|------------------------------5--8--5---------------------------- B
Beverly Hills 90210 Theme Tabbed by Anders Vendrup This is my version of it feel free to make any changes if you want to. Listen to the song then you'll get a sense of the rythm in the song.... Enjoy!!! Intro chords: C# C# Eb
|-------------0-3-0----------------0----------------0-3-0-------| |--1--1-3---3-------1----1--1-3--3---1----1--1-3--3-------1-----| |0---------------------0----------------0-----------------------| |---------------------------------------------------
Наркоша... (1) Am G Em Мы с тобой в лесочке посидим, Am G C Сладко пахнет жёлтый керосин, Dm C Am Острую иглу, в вену загоню, Dm G C Am чтобы нам уехать, уле
Fuwa Fuwa Time (Light and Fluffy Time ) Chords for Pro This is the best Tab Like This Page and Support and Thank U! Enjoy! Intro: E A B E A B E A B E A B E A E
|------------------------------------0-----------0------------------------| |----0--------0----0-1-3--0-1-3----3---3-1-0---3---3-1-0------------------| |0-2---0--0-2---0----------------------------0-----------0--0---0--0---0--| |---------------------
This is the bass line to the Battlefield 1942 theme. It's easy and doesn't take long to learn it. I didn't space the tab numbers, but it's fairly simple to figure out. Enjoy! G|--------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------
This is the 20th Century Fox Fanfare played at the beginning of pretty much every 20th Fox movie and/or TV show. (e.g.: Ralph Wiggum sings it in the beginning of The Simpsons Movie) Song:-------20th Century Fox Fanfare Artist:-----idk, but John Willi
DETROIT CITY by Bobby Bare no tablature provided
90210 Theme... (i'm sorry) From: (Ricky Vela) Be very careful who you show this to. It is an extremely crappy song, and in the wrong hands it could become the next smoke on the water. You dont wanna walk into a shop and see a spotty l
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 10:40:13 -0500 From: Subject: m/misc_television/ This is often referred to as the SNOOKER SONG BBC1, Its real name is Drag racer by the Doug wood band It's a classic number, which will sound ace i
H7 H7 Вверх взметнули голуби, словно от чумы Это пацанами пробежали мы Давно это было, нам казалось – жесть Но так хотелось пацанами в двор
Tab:pingu by nathan this is my first eva tab. its not perfect but its good and easy e|-7--------------|-7------------------| B|---9--10--9--7--|----9--10--14--12---| G|----------------|--------------------| D|----------------|--------------------| A|
Well, this is the guitar part of the Episode Title know, this thingy when episode's title's shown...w/e I'm quite sure it's correct, so have fun playing it! v = vibrato e-15p12p11--12p11-----------------------------------| b--------------