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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sailor Moon Theme Solo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Le_Bunny Tuning: Standard e|----------------------------
...ARTHUR... TV Theme ------------......... *from the TV Series 1995* Intro: F Bb (x2) Verse 1: F Bb Every day, when you're walking down the street, F Bb Every-body that you meet, F Bb F Bb Has an o-riginal point of view. And I say... Chorus 1: F Bb
FATHER CHRISTMAS (Ray Davies) (The *G thru *D sequences could probably be played as something more like: G Bm7 Em D G Bm7 Em D - but it's all in the bass) C G C G C G C G G C D G C D G C D G C D *G When I was small I believed in Santa Claus *D 'Thoug
Синее небо, в столице свет огней... (1) Am Dm Синее небо, в столице свет огней F C Проходят дни недели вдали от матерей Am Dm Но вот надели каски и г
G C D Feliz Navidad, D G Feliz Navidad, G C D G Feliz Navidad, pr
If Its wrong do email me on First tab so... D------7-6--------55-44------7-6--------------/ G--7-7-------5--5--------7-7------9-9--55-44--/ A---------------------------------------------/ E---------------------------------------------/
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E japanese scale - misc scales ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:steve the man! Tuning:Ea
This song isn't hard to play at all. It is the music that plays in the background when you are in the town of Balamb not Balamb garden. If you listen closely you can recognize it. e|-------2-------2--------2-------2--------0-------0--------3-------3-
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easy Sweep - SCales ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Chris Myers Tuning:Any t
From: (Adam Schneider) JUBILEE (Mary Chapin Carpenter) ------------------------------- [Each chord is half of a 6/8 measure.] [Actually in Bb; capo 3, I think. If anyone can confirm this in concert, please let me know.] [G=
From: HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS Johnny Marks (c) 1962 Have a holly, jolly ....[C] It's the best ....[C C#dim G7] I don't know if there'l...[G7 Ebdim G7 C#dim] but have a cup ...[G7 C] Have a holly, jolly ...; [C] And when you walk down .
tabbed by kidsguitar3 strum the G chod was noted and when you see a " / " above the word ARE YOU SLEEPING? (BROTHER JOHN) G / / / Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, / / / / brother John, brother John? / / Morning bells are ringing, / / everybody's s
Hit in the USA by the Beat Crusaders the theme song to beck, an anime series about a band trying to make it in japan GUITAR 1 Hit in the USA Beat Crusaders Guitar 1 E||------------------------|-----------------------|-----