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From: Barrie McCombs Subject: h/rolf_harris/tie_me_kangaroo_down_sport.num TIE ME KANGAROO DOWN, SPORT Time: 2/2 Tenor: C Bass: C INTRO (RECITE, TAP BEAT ON GUITAR): * * * * . . . There's an old Australian stockman * * * * Lying, dying And he gets hi
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 20:42:19 EST From: [email protected] Subject: m/misc_childrens/twinkle_twinkle_little_star.btab twinkle twinkle little star this is my own work this is my first tab so bare with me any corrections or requests email me at b
I got a real slow computer and I've been playing Diablo II for 2 years, and I always hear this part of the song so I eventually figured it out on guitar for no apparent reason Enjoy and add parts and all that jazz... e----------------------0---------
Tabbed By : SdTuEoVlEcN e-mail: [email protected] G|--------------4-6-7-9-11-13-14-13-11-9-7-6-4-----------------------| D|---------4-6-7------------------------------7-6-4------------------| A|----4-5-7-----------------------------------
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donkey Kong Country 2 Island Map "Welcome to crocodile Isle" - Misc Computer Games ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:
ACR by Stompin' Tom Conners no tablature provided
From: [email protected] I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS K.Gannon, W.Kent (c) 1943 I'll be home ...[C Ebdim Dm7 G7] You can ...[C Gm6 A7 Dm7, Edim] Please have snow ...[F6 G7 C Am] and presents on ...[D7 Dm7 G9] Christmas Eve will ...[C Ebdim Dm7 G7] Where
A C#m I brushed against those freckles that I hated so, D F Life goes on and I heave a little sigh for you. E F#m It's heavy, the love that I would share for you, D E But it dissolves like it was just a sugarcube. A C#m Now the little pain sitting in
I Got Bored So I Flipped On Cartoons To Revert Back To My Childhood Days. But There Are Only Two Parts To This Song. Standard Tuning Main Riff e|---------------------------------------------| b|---------------------------------------------| G|-------
Misc Children It's A Small World (Disneyland) Tuning: Standard Transcribed by Soch Hean -This tab is in the correct key- Verse: |-------6----4-----------------4------------------------4-6--4----| |---------7----7-7--6-6----------6--7-6-4-------------
Jingle Bells Here is a Christmas Special for the Festive Season to all of you that celebrate it And if you do celebrate it, why not celebrate it with your bass guitar G ----------------------0---------------------------------------------- D --2-2-2--
|---3---| Q E H E E E E E S S S E E E E||--/12----------------------|----------------------------------------| B||---------15--15~-----------|-----12--13--15--12h-13p-12-------------| G||---------------------------|----------------------------14--12-
Christmas Songs - Jingle Bell Rock Submitted By: rap_boy EMail: [email protected] G|-7-7-7--6-6-6-4-6-4-0--3-4-6-4-066-4-6-4-0--002-346-40-234-6-4-6-4-66-77777-7 D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A
From: [email protected] JOLLY OLD SAINT NICHOLAS Jolly old Saint Nicholas, lean your ear this way [C G7 Am Em] Don't you tell a single soul what I'm going to say [F C G G7] Christmas Eve is coming soon; now my dear old man [C G7 Am Em] Whisper what yo
---------------------------------------------------------------------- A minor Pentatonic Scale ---------------------------------------------------------------------- By:Jay Greene e|------------------------------5--8--5---------------------------- B