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I'm a beginner and this is my first tab, but it should be pretty correct. You can find the ad here: Tabbed by: rdpdk ([email protected])2008 E---12--8--10--12--8-----8--15-13-12-10--| B--------------------------
Am E7 Am Вчера с дружком мы спорили, с Антоном, A7 Dm «Майк Тайсон, он кричал на весь этаж Dm Am Всё время будет в боксе чемпионом, E7 Am Cмотри как лев
All Verse 1: C#m B A All I want is to know You more closely C#m B A All I need is to feel You next to me C#m B A All I can see is Your beauty C#m B A All I have is Your faith in me Chorus: E B A So I will lean on You E B A And I'll put my faith in Yo
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jam 1 - 10 Things ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Rob Church Email:[email protected] Tuning:EADGBe Intro:(2x)Dist
1 куплет F#m G- 2 раза F#m Он или ты Шаг или бег G Просто мечты Тают как снег F#m Ложь или нет Я или мы G Что за ответ Ждешь от зимы Am Мне в никуда Нам
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG NAME - Reason for living ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:jimjamyahar Email:[email protected] Tuning:st
tabbed by North Georgia Boy standard tuning D A G D Lord, You are more precious than silver. A G A Lord, You are more costly than gold. D A G D Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds. G A D Nothing I desire compares with you.
Товарищ, верь: пройдет она - И демократия, и гласность, И вот тогда госбезопасность Припомнит наши имена! C Паук на стене, нас обвиняют в фа
Sweeping Very Fast! e:--------------5-8-5----------------------------------------8-12-17-------| b:------------5-------5-----------------------------------10---------------| g:----------5-----------5--------------5-9--------------9------------------|
Tang Ina Nya Intro: A2 - C#m7 - Bm7 - Em (pause) verse 1: A2 - C#m7 - Bm7 - E Meron akong gustong ikwento tunkol sa dating kasintahan ko ginawa akong isang tanga pinaniwala na ako rin daw ay mahal nya At alam nyo ba dalawa kami noon sa puso nya na pi
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 01:40:04 +1000 From: Kevin Woodgate Subject: m/misc_children/ Nursery Rhymes Transcribed by K Woodgate Easy melody Version for children I did these songs for my 6 year old as a way to introduce him to music Ma
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From: [email protected] (Kelly Cox) Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 20:21:15 -0800 Subject: TAB: Congress Reel Here is a fairly easy version of an Irish tune, The Congress Reel. 3h=hammer-on triplet (hammer-on 2nd note, pull-off for 3rd) 4/4 time, standard tu
G||*--0-------------------|----------------------|------------------------| D||*---------3--2----0----|-------0----2---------|--0--2--3--0--2------0--| A||-----------------------|--3--------------3----|------------------------| E||-------------------