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Dm Swimming in a tank Am Em Swimming round and round Dm Living in a bowl Am Em Feeling gagged and bound G Dm Swim fish swim Am your dying tomorrow G Dm I know its grim Am but don
C Газетные полосы тают в снегу, C Любимое слово - "вчера", C Игра на пределе - тоже игра, C Но где здесь предел я сам не пойму. C И если я что-то по
tabbed by North Georgia Boy ------------------ standard tuning ------------------ 1. C Em F Seek ye first, the Kingdom of C F C G G7 God and His righteousness C Em F And all these things shall be added C F C G C unto you. Al-le-lu, Allelujah 2. (opti
Вступление: G G C ВСЕ ИГРУШКИ: Спешите нас приобрести! G H7 Em Ведь это не музей. Am A G/D Мы так хотим приобрести D7 G Скорей себе друзей. H7 Em Em/D Em/C# У
these lyrics are from the movie "Stir Crazy" although there are many versions for the lyrics F C Down in the valley, the valley so low C7 C F Hang your head over, hear the wind blow F C Hear the wind blow, love, hear the wind blow C7 C Hang your head
A Я сидел в "Мурзилке", я ждал тебя, Но появились менты и забрали меня, A О, как в задницу кол, E Эх, русский рок-н-ролл! Я обиделся, я пошел в гор
Artist:Misc Your Songs Song:Jibberish Tabbed by:Bob Chords: Em-022 Am-xx221 C-x355 B-x244 D-x577 E-x799 Intro- Em-Em-Am-Am-C-C-B-B-B-B x 5 (on 5th time only play B once.) then- E-D-E-D-E-D-C-B x2 THEN- E-D-E-D-E-D-C-B-B-B-
A7 Ты всю жизнь прожил в маленьком городке. A7 Ты всю жизнь прожил в маленьком городке. A7 Но у тебя была мечта и ты был нелегке. Докурил сигар
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This song was wrote by all the band in music and it was a great experience to perform it in class! Intro Guitar 1 E|-11-9-12-9-11-9-12-9-11-9-12-9-11-9-11--| x6 B|----------------------------------------| x6 G|----------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eurovision Theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed By : Morian e-mail: Tuning: G|-0-0--2-4-0--7--
(в темпе вальса) Am E Am Я помню тот Ванинский порт, C G C И гул парохода угрюмый, Dm Am Как шли мы с этапа на борт E E7 Am (A7) В холодные мрачные трюмы.
i made this song few months ago so if you would like to know anymore about my songs you email me on well im going tomorrow and i will be leaving you, -1---5---6-7----1/2---4-5-------3----4--5---6---878-------|e this is bott
Song:Ammunition Wrote by :Eric Sylce Band Name:the Secrets this song I wrote is a pretty cool song!my band the secrets are gonna performe it on our first concert! Capo on third into:F,C,G x2 Em A7 C D x2 chorus will be F,C,G Em,F,G end with A,F,D,C,G