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Last One E||---------------------|--5--5--------------|--5-----------------------| B||------------------5--|--------------------|-----8--5-----------------| G||------------5--6-----|--------------------|-----------7--5-----5--7--| D||----------------
Song: Commercial (Woot-woo, woot-woot-woo) Tabber: Ace Tab Type: Bass Guitar Tuning: Standard (EADG) Really simple song. Fun to play too. G----------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------
Am F Рано утром солнышко встает Dm E Серебрится в далеке закат Наш отряд за мацанкой идет Все o чем-то тихо говорят Hm G Em F# Душистый план курне
D - (xx0232) Bm - (224432) F#m - (244222) Em - (022000) A - (x02220) D Bm D F#m Be Thou my vision O lord of my heart Em A Bm A Nought be all else to me, save Thou art Bm D Bm A Thou my best thought, by day or by night D Bm Em D Waking or sleeping, Th
Am E Am Я в кармане своей гимнастерки Dm G7 C Твое фото в блокноте храню Dm G7 C И в афганских горах на привалах Dm E Am > 2 раза Ha него я c надеждой смо
Adam Anderson-6 Days pick the intro and the verses intro: Em C G D verse 1 Em C Rome wasn't built in a day G D But in one day it burned to the ground Em C Never even rained before G D But in 40 days the earth was drowned Em C You can live a life of r
tabbed by North Georgia Boy standard tuning CHORDS (4th fret) G#m C# (4th fret) G# e|--1---------------1-----------1-------| B|--1---------------2-----------1-------| G|--1---------------1-----------2-------| D|--3---------------3-----------3-------|
if you like this or have any suggestions for it then email me at [email protected] e------------------------------------------------------------------------| b------------------------------------------------------------------------| g---------
add neo ko sa friendster: [email protected] \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ 7FootJr is in: enjoy the tab! ===================================== Intro G - C (6x) G C G C Pudpod na'ng mga daliri G C G
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -I think aboout you everyday- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard tuning* Intro and Verse e|--3-3---3-3-3-------3-3---3-3-3
Fun song to play. I think the most famous version of this song was done by the Weavers (Pete Seeger's old band). Here's a pretty basic flatpicking arrangement. Enjoy! G C E|----3---3-------3-----3--|----0---0-------0-----0--| B|-0--0---0-1--0--0-----
First tab I've done, would appreciate suggestions/criticism. Just a short solo I wrote for a song in C Blues. e:---------5------|----------------| B:-5-6-7-8----4s5-|----------------| G:----------------|-5-----5~~~~----| D:----------------|---7------
band : alchobus h=hammer on string VERSE G--------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------- E--3-3-3-3-3-8-8-8-6-5-5-5-5-5--10-10-10-8-6-6-6-6
Tabbed by: $2 Food Stamp Email: [email protected] Here are some easy rock solos I thought of.. ... = Palm Mute h = hammer on p = pull off b^ = bend up ~ = vibrato e|-------------------|----------------------------|-------------| B|--------------
This is a song from my band we're not big but we're good. You decide. Drop D Intro e--------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------