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3OH!3 "Tapp" Want (c) 2008 Photo Finish Records Tuning: Drop D (DADGBe) Tabbed by: arbocalaviv Email: Tabbed from synth to guitar. This is really easy, and sounds just like the song! Intro cannot be played on guitar Part 1 e|-----
Рус. Текст: Иосиф Бродский A E E7 Около казармы, в свете фонаря E E7 A Кружатся попарно листья сентября, D A Ах как давно у этих стен E E7 A Я сам сто
e|-------------------------------------------------------------- B|-----------------3---0------0-------1------------------------- G|--------0-0--2-2------0---0---0-----------0--------0-2--4-4-4- D|-0-0--0---------------------------2----4-------------
Coca Cola Theme Well, it's easy to play! e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------ h|----0--0--0--0--1--0-----------3--0-----0--0--0--0--1--0-----------0-----0---- g|-0--------------------2--2--2--------0-------
Эй! D Ой над полями да над лесами русскими C Несется песня вольных пацанов, D Ее проводят девки - очи грустные, C Ой, нависает тень от батогов.
From: kharding@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Karol Harding) HAVA NAGILA (w/guitar chords) E Am E Hava nagila, hava nagila, ... (Let us rejoice and jubilate ) G Am E Hava nagila, hava na.... Dm Hava n'ra-n'na, hava n'ra.... E v'nis-m'cha (let us sing and rejoi
strano che non ci sia questa canzone.. e strano che nessuno abbia mai pensato di scriverci la tab.. ad ogni modo: penso sia corretta al 100% :D e:-----0------------0--------0-1-3---0-1-3------3-5-3-1-0--------3-5-3-1-0----| B:-1-3---1------1-3---1---
ok, i got a little bored just now and figured this out. hope you like it... G:-------------------------------| D:-----0-0-------------0-0-------| A:-3-3-----0-0-3---3-3-----0-0-3-| E:-------------------------------| G:-------------------------------|
С G C Жизнь стоит того, чтобы не быть сволочью. С G C C7 Жизнь стоит того, чтобы не быть сволочью. F G C E F Жизнь стоит того, чтобы утром открыть ок
Chinese Riff Punk Style tabbed by: extrememan created a few seconds ago -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -3333-55-22-5------------------------------- -3333-55-22-5------------------------------
I'm not sure where this tune came from, my brother taught it to me. but I thought it sounded pretty cool. This is played in a solid flow. e|x----------------------------------------------| B|x----------------------------------------------| G|x-------
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUNTRY RIFF - Misc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Brandon Tuning:Regular Tuning e|----
this is the good instrumental song I made up. I hope enjoy this song.. riff 1 --7-----------------------------|-------------------------0------ ------0-------0-----------------|-----------------3-------------- ----------0-----------0---------|-----0-
69 - Revolution Tabbed by: Xavieres Bass tab: B,F#,B,E Riff 1: x16 G|--------------------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------| D|0-0-8-8-7-7-0-0-3-3-5-5-3-3-2-2-| Riff 2: G|-----------------------------
Green Sleeves (Simple) Tabbed by: -0-3-5-7-87-5------------------------0-3-5-7-87-5-----------------------------| --------------7-3-3-5-8-55-4-5-7-4-0--------------7-3-3-5-8-7-5-4-2-4-5-------| ------------------------------