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Em H7 Опять кружатся листья, Em И ветер их уносит E7 Am Уносит за приделы холодов. Am D7 Они летят за земли, Gm C Где пролетает детство, Am H7 Em То детст
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chump - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not sure who originally wrote this song, and I would like to know. Some l
Here's a country beat. I saw someone do this but with different chords so I just messed around with it and came up with this. Throw in any chords you want as long as you play the root and then the chord.You can use either root,chord,chord,chord or yo
Em Alas my love, D you do me wrong, C B7 to cast me off so discourteously, Em D for i have loved you so long, C B7 Em delighting in your company. chorus: G D greensleeves was all my joy, C B7 greensleeves was my delight, G D greensleeves was my heart
Intro: e---12-9-----------12-9----------12-9--------------------// B-10-----12-10~--10-----12-14--10----12-10-10-15-14-12-10// G--------------------------------------------------------// D--------------------------------------------------------// A--
e|--------------------------------------------------------3-| B|---0-1-1-0------------------1-------1--------1-1-0h1----3-| G|--0---0----0------------------2------2p0-----0------0---0-| D|-2-----------2-0-0h2h3----------2--------2---2-------2--0-| A|
H А я сегодня сходил в сортир H А я завтра слетаю в Сан-Франциско H А я вчера буду бригадир H Меня полюбит любая коммунистка А звездочки то с
из м/ф "Зима в Простоквашино"муз. Крылатов Е. / сл. Энтин Ю. Вступление: Am6 Em | H7 Em H7 Em Кабы не было зимы D7 G В городах и селах, Am6 Em Нико
And Can It Be G Em C D G And can it be that I should gain C G D A D An interest in the Savior
Fatherland- German National Anthem e|--0-0-1-3-3-1-0---------0-0----| This Song is easy as b|----------------3-1-1-3-----3-3| 1,2,3... g|-------------------------------| all there is to it is d|-------------------------------| just to get the timing
Alright, this is it! All the frigin' chords in the world !!! Hope u'll enjoy =) __-DEMO-__ [E A D G B E] A or Amaj [0 0 2 2 2 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [0 4 x 2 5 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [5 7 7 6 5 5] (Db E A) : major triad A or
tabbed by North Georgia Boy standard tuning E rejoice in the Lord always, A B7 E and again I say, rejoice E rejoice in the Lord always, A B7 E and again I say, rejoice E rejoice, rejoice A B7 E and again i say, rejoice E rejoice in the Lord always, A
The swedish National song. "Du Gammla du fria" E------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------| G--2-2----------0-2-2-0--------------------------------------| D-------3-3--3
It Is Well With My Soul C Am F C When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, Am D G When sorrows like sea billows roll; C F D G Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, Chorus: C F G C "It is well, it is well with my soul." F It is well (It is we