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From: (Bo Parker) Subject: TAB: Camp Chase Greetings Here's another flatpick arrangement of an old-time fiddle tune - Camp Chase. This one was composed by Solly Carpenter, a prisoner at Camp Chase, a Civil War prison camp near
E|------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| G|*-----------------------------------|------------------------------------*| D|--------------
this is the buffy theme. it is realy easy to play and it isnt hard to learn. this tab has been changed a little bit to make it even eisier to play but it still souns awesome... please enjoy and leave comments... this song should have two guitars but
This is very easy song. It's an old gospel hymn. This is my first tab. This is the picking version. First 1------------------------------------- 2------------------------------------- 3---------------0---4----------------0 4---0---0---2------------0-
E---------------------| B----1-0-1------------| G-0-------------------| D---------------------| A---------------------| E---------------------| E---------------------| B--3-------3----------| G-----2---------------| D---------------------| A---------
Пролог... Автора данной песни я не знаю. Песне этой научил меня наш культорг Николай "Sadam" Пахомов. Спасиб ему за эт. Сам он вырази
This tab is for the Atlanta Braves Indian chant that they play at their baseball games. It's a trademark of the Braves, and sounds cool on guitar. Thought I'd tab it out. Tuning is standard. Use distortion as you wish. Personally I like it played cle
Song: With A Little Help From My Friends Artist: Jim Sturgess Album: Across The Universe Soundtrack (2007) E B7 F#m F#m Bm E E B7 F#m What would you think if I sang out of tune, Bm E Would you stand up and walk out on me? E B7 F#m Lend me your ears a
From: kharding@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Karol Harding) HAD I WINGS Croatian folk song: easy to play, sounds very russian Tab by Karol Henderson Harding 1994 *accent notes as indicated * * * * * E|-8--8--7--0--5--0--|--8----5-|--3--1--0-----| B|10-----9--
E7 Она пьяна ещё со вчера Она не ночевала дома три дня E7 Ведь дома война - мама сошла с ума H7 Дошла до того, что дочь сдаёт сама. E7 Она одевает
Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight tab by piahi (DWN) (intro and rhythm section only) This oft-repeated part is correct, I saw them in concert in LA from the front row and is how they play it.
Пoxoд Dm Gm6 A7 Dm Ocтaвь мeня дoмa, зaxлoпни двepь, Gm6 A7+3 A7 Dm Oтключи тeлeфoн, выключи cвeт. F Gm7 C7 F C yтpa ecть иллюзия, чтo вce нe тaк yж плoxo, Dm Gm6 E7 A7 C yтpa ecть cкaзкa
I was bored. Obviously. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------12--------13-12----------------------15---12-10-12-13--12--| |-----12--12----14--14-------14-12--------------------------------------| |--1
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