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Am A7 Dm Шёл мальчишка по опушке, E E7 Am Сам не знал куда. Am A7 Dm На лугу на-шёл Лягушку G G7 C Около пру-да. A7 Dm E E7 Am И лягушка вдруг говорит ем-у Dm E E7 Am
C7 Я вступаю в армию ненависти, C7 Это не то, что какая-то т-т-трезвости, C7 Я прохожу карантин, я устал повторять "бе-е-е", C7 Мой хой третий день
Hey all I made this up. It sounds cool, i haven't made a solo yet but i have a whole intro and chorus for ya. Feel free to use this if you like it, thats why its here.... Intro Soft distortion (tap soft 2 make acoustic sound) --------------------| --
So this is what I came up with when my friend said you should learn the dig dug theme. i looked it up. And it wasnt on here.:[ so i made this. If this is not right it purdy dang close. E-mail me with corrections at [email protected] E--------
another one by moi every note you hit lightyly pluck g on open e at the same time preferably played on accousitc bass standard tuning EADG Beginning G-0000000000000000000000000--- D------------------------335^- A---------333333355555555----- E-000000
Петкун/Голубев/Макарский Dm Gm A Свет озарил мою больную душу, Dm Gm A Нет, твой покой я страстью не нарушу, Dm Gm A Бред, полночный бред терзает се
From: [email protected] From: Alex Northrup Subject: m/misc_television/cheers.crd Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 11:58:06 -0500 Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Angelo/Potney) Theme from Cheers Intro: piano arr. for guitar, chords implied, 2x (actually play
God Bless America By Irving Berlin Since I couldn't find this online I decided to write the chords out myself. I know many guitar players will be asked to play this over the next few weeks (months?). Hope this helps. Sorry for any mistakes. F C Bb C
this is the solo to my song it is in standard tuning (eadg) 180 bpm slap all t=slap p=pop g---------------7-5| d-----5-----3h5----| a-------3h5--------| e--33--------------| tt p t p p p g---------------5|this note, hold it for 1 second d-----5-----3
A Над родным микрорайоном светит полная луна Я опять сижу на кухне и опять схожу с ума И снова ночь, и снова день На душе незавершенность,
From: [email protected] (Adam Schneider) Subject: TAB: Various_Artists/DreamALittleDream.crd DREAM A LITTLE DREAM (W. Schwandt and F. Andree) ------------------------------------------------ NOTE: The chords are not exactly above their correspond
. = palm mute * = pinch harmonic x = mute string h = hammer-on / = slide to next note ~ = wiggle note (I put "up" and "down" stroke keys in there as a guide. But you can strum it however most natural for you, don't let it confuse you.) v = down strok
Holy, Holy, Holy ---------------- G Em D G C G Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! D Em D G D A D D Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee; G Em D G C G Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty! Em G G C Em C D G God in three Persons, blessed
C Я буду в этой песне Богом, G7 Я буду в этой песне всем C Я дам тебе то, чего тебе так не хватает, G7 Или нет совсем E Я воскрешу всех твоих G7 Пог
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