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Yeah i got nothing but heres camptown races! Really fast! e|-10-10--7-10--12-10-7-7-5~~-7-5~~-|-10-10--7-10--12-10--5-7p5--|---------| B|----------------------------------|----------------------------|-7--5--3-| G|----------------------------------|-
Song : Wasting Time Band : 616 Tabbed By: The Dark Night This song fucking rules so i tabbed it and here it is. Its really easy. To get the song go to Intro: Rhythm e|--------------------- B|--------------------- G|---------------------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colorado Sunrise - 3OH!3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Hawkman614 Email: [email protected] Tuning: Standar
tempo:120 tuning:drop D /=hold ^=bend we are a new band and im the guitarist so i know that these tabs are 100% correct! intro/chorus: e|--------------------------------| b|--------------------------------| G|--------------------------------| D|0-3-0
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 09:52:50 +0100 From: chris mullally Subject: m/misc_traditional/ Tabbed by Chris Mullally, e-mail;[email protected] This didn^Тt take long to do and is my own work. I think it is perfect apart from
Just what the monster ordered (intro) Bear with me here people... I'm still learning the rest of it and it will take me awhile. Tuning: C G C F A D | A|-------------------------------------| F|----2-2/3~-----2-2p0~----------------| D|----------------
------------------------------------------------------------------ Advance Australia Fair ------------------------------------------------------------------ G|0--5--0---------0---5--5--5----9---7--5---4-----5---7----------| D|------------2-----------
9th of 10 E||--------0--------0--------0-----------|----------------------------| B||-----3--------3--------3--------------|--------2--0----------------| G||--4--------4--------4--------2--0h-1--|--------2--0h1--------------| D||---------------------
D7 Kaкoй тaм к чepту Шoпeн - D7 Haпилcя, и к бaбe в тeплую кoйку - ныpк! G+ Tы cкaжeшь: "Этo любoвь!" - я зaкpoю глaзa Hm7 Mы будeм cпopить c тoбoй o фильмe "Flash Back" дo xpипo
this is the first song which I have tabbed and I hope it's o kay, so enjoy!!!!! [---o-o-o-4-2-o-2-4-o-o-4-7-9-9-7-4-4-o-2-o-2-4-o--------------------| [-o-----------------------------------------------2-2-o-5------------| [---------------------------
Here's a song I use to play with the Irish Folk Band "Barley Juice." Questions/Comments . . . [email protected] - Ian C.T. vom Saal ----------------------------------------------------------------- Drink up the Cider [INTRO] [G] [C] [G] [D7] [G] [C]
this is a good way to practise the E minor scale using it in a different order: ------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------12----12-14--| --
I was just playin around with my guitar and i thought this riff sounded a bit familiar. i think it sounds best w/ a bit of reverb on. E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------
Intro: Em Am D7 G AM Em H Em Verse 1: Em H Мы каждый день, мы каждый день в контру пуляем, Am D7 G H Берем броню, четыре-три или калаш, Em E7 Am В аркаду прем или с рес
A SNOWFLAKE IN JULY MICHELLE i've seen the way Gabriel plays this song, these tabs are right, the best tabs ever. A SNOWFLAKE IN JULY is the best band ever i went to all of their show.YOU CANT GET MORE EMO THAN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) THIS SONG IS P