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I tried... lol .::Intro::. The Synth plays these notes: f# octave f# c# b f# octave f# c# d# f# ^ ^ d# c# c# b (i believe) on guitar: e|----14--------14---------14------------------| b|------14-12~----14-16~-----14-12-16-14-14-12-| g|-11---------11--
Start tuning E,A,D,G,B/H,e This is a National Anthem Of Finland called "Maamme" Tabber Joel R. (Jopeli) e|----------------5~---------------------------| B|1--------6-8---------6---8-6-5-6-------------| G|--2-3-5~------5--------7---------------------|
This is a Norwegian folksong. Here it is in Norwegian and in English: Norwegian: D B
Senior Sitizen Aggressive Audio Intro: B F#m E F#m 2x (bass line) B Abm La la la, la la la la E F#m la la la, lo la la la la la B Abm Lo la, la la la la E F#m la la la, lo la la la la la B Lola B Ang akong lolo F#m Sige la'g pa guapo E Pisa'g wala na
This is the beyblade theme 100% correct . (note: this is not the jap version this is the English version of the show) L.S TABS Artist: sick kid Title: beyblade theme Intro/main riff e-------------1--s---2-------------------------------6--s--7----- b-
EARLY ONE MORNING (Traditional) As old as time itself. Canadians of enough years (like me) know this music best as the theme to the kids' TV show The Friendly Giant. Roger Whittaker also did a version of the song with the lyrics. As the quotation mar
Вступление: C | C | C | C | C | C | Bb | F C Кто доброй сказкой входит в дом? Dm G Кто с детства каждому знаком? Am Кто не ученый, не поэт, F А покорил весь бе
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- circus music ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:jacko Tuning:standard guitar 1 e
Song: I Want To Hold Your Hand Artist: T.V. Caprio Album: Across The Universe Soundtrack (2007) CAPO 4th FRET G D Yeah, I'll tell you something, Em Bm I think you'll understand, G D When I say that something: Em B7 I wanna hold your hand! C D G Em I
ok, i got a little bored just now and figured this out. hope you like it... G:-------------------------------| D:-----0-0-------------0-0-------| A:-3-3-----0-0-3---3-3-----0-0-3-| E:-------------------------------| G:-------------------------------|
33ა და ოთარ რამიშვილი - ზღვაზე By - Aberkoti G Am გული უმღერ+
A Пяток сигарет, пятак на метро E Я ощушаю воздушный поток E Не ощущая подошвы ног A Сегодня весна, а завтра - беда E Нам вырубит ток, E А внутр
Cleveland Rocks (AKA Drew Carey Show Theme) Artist/Author: Presidents of the U.S.A./Ian Hanter Tabbed By: Louis Micheal Hawkins MVISD This is the whole tab for Cleveland Rocks. You might have heard it when they did that dance. The usual opening consi
C Гей, клёво что я не живу, C Клёво, что ты дал обет Am Отвечать, что меня пока нет D Но я, может быть, скоро приду. Клёво, что есть ещё боль Клёво
From: Bill Weinberger Subject: m/misc_television/ Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 21:49:04 -0800 (THEME FROM) BONANZA (From the 1986 Album TELEVISION'S GREATEST HITS VOL I) Music by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston Transcribed by Bill W / Chris R 4/4 G