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_AU CHANT DE L'ALOUETTE_ (Quebecois folkloric/Quebecois traditional) NOTE: Il y a plusiers versions de cette chanson. Cette version est la version quebecoise, comme je le me souviens. [There are several versions of this song, this being the Quebecois
Am E Am Now I tell the story how all this happened Dm H7 E Murka was the girl and girl allright. Am Am7 Dm And in our district everybody missed her Am E7 Am When she was arrested late at night. Once we went on business, me and Rabinovich, Then we dro
This is that big of a song but its a great warm-up to get your fingers moving. #1 G|--------------------------------------| (x1) D|--------------------------------------| A|-----2-4-5-4-2---------2-4-5-4-2------| E|-0-4-----------4-0-0-4-----------4-
Am Почему вышло так Dm Что остался один E7 Я остался один Am Против смерти своей A7 Dm Все убиты друзья Am Здесь на скалах их кровь F E Ho пока я живо
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------
Dm На ветру, на стройке, В лифте и в кафе Dm На скамейке во дворе И на Спасской башне, Там, где бъют часы Dm И в подсобке, где весы A И в подвале к
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINGIN - Aggressive Audio ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: ampao Most of the song, acoustic guitar was used. Intro:
Hi! This is my band's song! LEGEND . palm muted Kevin Friesen/lead guitar pb partly bending upwards standard tuning intro A E Dmaj7 E D A e|------------------------0--0--2-------0--2--0--| B|------------------------2--0--2-------0--3--2-0| G|--------
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 09:21:05 +1100 (EST) From: mike Subject: click_go_the_shears.crd Click go the Shears -Traditional Australian 6/8 D G Out on the board ... D E7 A7 Grasping his shears ... D G Fixed is his gaze on .... A7 D Glory if he gets her, w
G A F# Мой путь неизведан, он в бездне туманной Em A Он сам себя предал покрыв себя тайной G A F# Движение-покой, торможение- усталость Em A Зеркал
Am На крышу забрался террор TVX, E Ну а я то был в грузовике. Dm TVX был со снайперкой, Я с калашом, Am Меня друг поджидал на дворе. TVX написал:"
Play fluently at a moderate pace ;) G----------------------------------------| D-------2-5-2----2-5-2----2-5-2----2-5-2-| A----3---------3--------3--------3-------| E----------------------------------------| G----2-5-2---2-5-2-| D--3-------3-------|
Am E7 2/-----------------10---------------------9 3/-9-8-9-10-9---------9-8-9-10-9- Am 1/-----------------10-7- 2/-----------------------------9-5- 3/-9-8-9-10-9---------------------------7-6-5- Dm7 Am H7 1/----------------------------10-8-----------
this is a pretty cool riff which i made up myself. it's standard tuning and i hope you like it. it's my first tab enjoy im not very good at the timing bit with tab so just play so it sounds cool. g-------------------9977----7799----------------97----
e-----------|-------------|------------------------| B-----------|-------------|------------------------| G-4--7--7-5-|-2-4-5-7-9-2-|-4--6-6-7--9-1111-9-9-7-| D-2--5--5-5-|-0-2-3-5-7-0-|-2--4-4-5--7--9-9-7-7-5-| A---------3-|-------------|-----------