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Boogie Blues submitted by Kurt * = let ring E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------0-2-0-3-0------
D Мне больно смотреть на тебя, Россия, D По горло увязла во лжи и коррупции, D В креслах высоких карьеристы засели, D Выполняя антинародные и
tabbed by North Georgia Boy standard tuning VERSE 1. C G cause me to come to Your river, o Lord F G7 C cause me to come to Your river, o Lord C7 F cause me to come to Your river, o Lord C G F C cause me to come, cause me to drink, cause me to live VE
e---------------------------------- b---------------------------------- g---------------------------------- 4x (let ring on 4th) d-----9----------------------9-0--- a---7---10-9-----------------9-7--- e------------10-10--10-10-10------- e------------
From: [email protected] Subject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY This would be how I play it.......I throw a little heavy distortion into sometimes for the hell of it. Happy birthday (time it how you want to) ----------------------------------------------------
C Am Снова корабли уходят в море Dm G Встречи с ними ты уже не жди Скоро мы расстанемся с тобою Вспоминая солнечные дни Припев C Am Я подарю теб
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- coronation street - Misc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:cheepskayte Email:[email protected] Tuning:alter
Offline 1969 C D F 2x C D Where do you go, Where does it stop F When the beginning is the end C D What is the point, Pointed at you F With a line drawn through it C D Is it a hill you don
This a little blues riff someone can play when their bored ( Play at any speed, but sounds better when played at moderate or fast.) e---------------11------13b---11----------- b-----11--13----------------------13-13---- g--12-------------------------
Budweiser Commercial Riff Tuning: Drop D I haven't seen this commercial in a long time but I still play this riff alot when my guitar is in drop D, it's a fun song. A friend of minre showed me to play it. e|-------------------------------------------
Fades Away by: 10 Things e-mail:[email protected] Tuning:EADGBe Intro: B-E-A-E-A-E Verse: B A B E It all fades away, like no tomorrow B A B E It all fades away, like never coming back (repeat) Interlude: B-E-A-E-A-E-B-E-A-E-A-E-D-E -------------
Daily Show Theme Justin Wnorowski E||-------------------------|------------------------|-------------------------| B||-------------------------|------------------------|-------------------------| G||-------------------------|------------------------|
Verse 1: Em D C Here I am G/B C Humbled by your majesty G/B D/F# B/D# Covered by Your grace so free Em D C Here I am G/B C Knowing I am sinful man G/B D/F# B/D# Covered by the blood of the Lamb PRE-CHORUS: Em D/F# G Em D/F# G Now I've found the great
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Spoken: We're gonna take things back to the way things used to be, when a love song - was a love song. Sung: D A Am You have got to have the bluest eyes I've ever seen, Gadd9 And when I wake from dreamin, Cadd9 D I am screamin out your name, D A Yes,