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D Это не страшно - съесть на ночь пачку эфедрина D Это не важно - сестра придет из магазина D Это не больно - чуть-чуть надрезать себе вены D Э
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #---------
(А. Чернецкий) Am Dm Мне не хватает одиночества, E Am Мне не хватает простоты. Dm И вот уже зовут по отчеству, G7 C А мне хотелось чтоб на ты. Am Dm Мне
Part 1 1: 2: 3: 00 4: 00 22 22 00 5: 22 22 6:33 Repeat 1 more x# Part 2 1: 2: 11 3: 00 22 22 00 4: 22 22 Play Part 1 only once 5:33 6: Part 3 1: 2: 0 3: 2 0 2 0 0 4:00 33 22 00 22 5: 33 22 6: 33
ok this is kinda original but the chord switch is pretty rough at some parts, please feedback or something like that. Play back to see if you like it any good. oh and neks are i made that i use often over and over again so i listed the ones used in t
E |--0h20h20h20h20h30h30h30h30h40h40h40h40h50h50h50h5---------------| B |-----------------------------------------------------------------| G |-----------------------------------------------------------------| D |-------------------------------------
This is my own work because I made it up. It is as right as Bingo gets. Love always, Jeff (J$). E|0--0--0----------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| B|---------0--2--2--0--0-|---5--5--7--7--9--5----|----9--9--10-10-10-----| G|--
e------------------------ b------------------------ g------------------------ part 1 * 4 d------------------------- a--4444444-4444444-4444444 e--2222220-2222220-2222220 ( p.m. ) ( p.m. ) ( p.m.) e-------------- b-------------- g-------------- part 2
HI this is a great tab to play when you are either coming on for a set or just some ting to play when your just jamming so here it is standard tuning EADGBe e|------------- B|------------- G|----2---4--1- play this riff x3(on the third time slow D|--
i think this i right or else it is close. Most of the song is played in D aeolian. (Verse One) -----------------------------------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------------------------------------| ----14-14
Em День такой хороший, И старушки крошат E E7 Am Хлебный мякиш сизым голубям. H7 Отгоняя мошек, Em C7 Спит гнедая лошадь, F# H7 Мордой наклонившися
|0-5-0---0----5-5-5----9-7-5-4----5-7-----------------------------| |------2----------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------
Step By Step by Beaker tabbed by North Georgia Boy --------------------------- very easy song to learn just listen to it to pick up the strumming pattern ------------------------------------------------- G D O God you are my God C D G And I will ever
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EASY LITTLE PIECE #1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABBED BY ATC228 Email: [email protected] THIS IS JUST AN EASY LITTLE TH
Artist: Luciano Michelini Song: Frolic AkA: Curb Your Enthuasiasm Theme Keep in mind I had NO way of knowing how this song was played so I tabbed it as best I could but I know I could have put more time into it. This is a general idea of how it's pla