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Intro: ------ C Verse 1: -------- G Bm C C D Refresh my heart Lord G Bm C D Renew my love G Am7 G Dm7 Pour your spirit into my soul C Am7 C D C Refresh my heart Verse 2: -------- G Bm C C D You set me apart Lord G Bm C C D To make me new G Am7 G C by
-Beat 1 >Riff 1< |------------------------|------------------------| |------------------------|------------------------| |------------------------|------------------------| |-------7--7--7--------8-|10--3--0~-------0~------| |-------7--7--7--------8-
:::::::::::: :BLUES SONG: :::::::::::: TABBED BY: JAMES JACKSON TABBED ON:SEP 19TH 2001 This should be played relatively quick. RIFF A: E------0----------0---------0----------0-----------| B---------0----------0-------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jam 1 - 10 Things ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Rob Church The official band webs
Tabbed by the slayer/simon Ok this tab is a bit out but theres no other versions on here. Also this is just the lead part of the song. Normal tuning E,B,G,D,A,E Distortion Intro/Riff E|-------------------------------------| B|------------------------
this is my first tab and it is something i made up. so none of you can tell me it is wrong. hope you all enjoy it. e------------2-----2------2-----2------------0-----0-----0-----0-------- b--------3-----3------3-----3-----3------3-----3-----3-----3--
I heard Bryan May play this song the other day on TV at the queens birthday thing and i wanted to play it.... so i did... and hear it is! it sounds gd 2 me but comment it and rate it so i know what you all think! thanks! Standard Tuning Play with dis
This song has been done by many artists before, but I haven't been able to find the anywhere. But I got some and figured I would share them with all of you! The chord pattern for the first verse is repeated for all of the verses as well as the Play i
Shawns Parents are coming home Intro: E|----------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------| D|--3-3-3
ok here's the tab............. drop d tuning E-----------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------| G-----------------------------------------------| D--00-2-0-5-4-00-2-7-5-00-9-7-5-4-2-1010-9-5-7-5| A--00
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drenge som mig
Gm Cm D7 Gm Самолст бумажный залетел в окно. Cm F Hb Что-то в жизни важно, если не смешно. Cm Gm Ты помечтай, и вернстся вновь Cm D7 Gm Наша школьная моск
for lead jus improvise with G-major/E-natural minor scale intro paly while slowly fading volume e|-2-5-2-3-2-5-2-3-2-5-3-5| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|------------------------| E|------------
Gm Отвори окно, да разлей вино, B Раздавай на всех, хоть в глазах темно B Не видать, где кто, кто чужой, кто свой A Хочешь - песни пой, а хочешь -