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e ---- H ---|------1--3-- G ---|---2-------- D ---- A ---- E ---- e |0-----------|------0------|------0----- H |---3--1--0--|---------1--|3-----3-----|3--1-----3-- G -|2--2--------|---2-----2--- D --|0------------ A |0-----------|0------------- E ---
------------------------------------------------------------ Insecure ------------------------------------------------------------ I just started to play guitar. My older brother made this up and then taught it to me so I decided to tab it to see wha
A Blues Riff 2 This is another little blues riff you can play when your bored. e--------------------10------------------------------------- b-----------10-12------12-12-10-13-12-10-------------------- g---11-12-------------------------------12-------
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:52:18 +0100 From: Flo Wolff Subject: m/misc_television/buffy_drawn_to_the_fire.crd Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode 6x07 Once More With Feeling Song: Drawn to the Fire tabbed by Florian Wolff I like this episode of Buffy ver
Em G Осенью в дождливый серый день A7 H7 Em Проскакал по городу олень. Am7 D7 G6 Он летел над гулкой мостовой C9 F9 Рыжим лесом пущенной стрелой. Прип
Am Dm Am Лежит на грунте наша субмарина, Dm E Зарывшись в ил по самый перископ, Am Dm Am Всё оттого, что часовая мина, Dm E Из лодки сделала подводный
Here's a 12 bar blues thing that i learnt! enjoy... e|-------------5--| B|-------------5--| G|-------------5--| D|------5h7-------| x4 A|--5h7-----------| E|----------5-----| e|----------------10--| B|----------------10--| G|----------------10--| D|-
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cielito Lindo - Misc. Traditional Song ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Andres (silvadolla) Email: andres.ali@gm
Em C H7 Хорошо, что у нас есть еще ночь Но собаки не спят, не различить погон Am H7 По городу катит серый фургон, C H7 Но я оденусь в черное - меня х
This is the tab for the video called "How to Play Guitar Super Fast" on this site. I really know who is playing but people are saying this is a Paul Gilbert lesson so for i just put Paul Gilbert. To watch the video, search "fast" in the video section
Author/Artist: Daria Title: Theme of a Daria Transcribed by: Vladimir Belmont Email: Drop-E (E, A, D, G, B, e) **Well I think this a 100% correct** La, la, la, la, la --------------------|---------------------|--------------
Intro: Bb Dm7 Eb F Verse 1: Bb Dm7 Eb Fsus4 Together in this place of worship Your greatness we proclaim. Bb Dm7 Eb Fsus4 F We stand as one in giving You all glory and aclaim. Prechorus 1: Gm7 Bb C To You our hearts are open, F Bb to You our hands we
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------
Tabbed By : JOE_BLOW e-mail: Tuning: G|-0-0-5-5-3--0-0-5-5-3--5-6-7--5-6-7----5-6-7---------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------
I wanted to figure out how to play this Tuba/Sousaphone bassline but couldn't find any tabs or anything on it. So this is a transcription to guitar, which could also be played on a bass. I just think it sounds funny and figured maybe someone else mig