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Песня - пародия на Черную хронику Арды Ниенны (кто не знает: ЧхА - это Сильмариллион наоборот) Играется на мотив Смуглянки Dm Он внушать не
Verse: G C D C Lord, I lift Your name on high. G C D C Lord, I love to sing Your praises. G C D C I'm so glad You're in my life. G C Dsus4 D C D I'm so glad You came to save us. Chorus: G C D C G You came from heaven to earth to show the way, C D C G
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TECHNIQUE - Double Stop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:Jeremy Grimes Email:[email protected] This is my first
Am C Отец его был акробатом, Dm Em А мать наездницей была И как с батута был подкинут, Он в мир добра и зла. И колыбель его качалась Почти над са
THIS SONG IS GREAT ADAM HAUGH IS A BARELY KNOWN SINGER. HE ONLY THIRTEEN HELP MAKE HIM FAMOUS WATCH THIS VIDEO ON YOU TUBE. 4th fret INTRO:Em,E,Em,E,Am,A,Am,A (verse 1) C Em G sometimes when im at home C Em G and i think of you alone C Em G D and i w
>< B L E S S E D A S S U R A N C E >< call me traditional, but i love this song C F C Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! C G D G O what a foretaste of glory divine! C F C Heir of salvation, purchase of God, C Dm G C Born of his Spirit, washed in his b
Sophie England! This is my own song so if u like the sound of it please email me at [email protected] Thanx.xxxxx Hurtin You Cadd9 G5 C G Baby i need some time to think things through Cadd9 G5 C G I dont wanna end up hurtin' you D Cadd9 G5 I don
God Bless America By Irving Berlin Since I couldn't find this online I decided to write the chords out myself. I know many guitar players will be asked to play this over the next few weeks (months?). Hope this helps. Sorry for any mistakes. F C Bb C
This is my 1st tab so I’ve probably put loads wrong:- E|----------4-4-4-----------2-2-2--------------4-4-4-----------2-2-2---- B|---------------------------------------------------------------------- G|----------------------------------------------
...DIFF'RENT STROKES... TV Theme -----------------------......... *from the TV Series 1978* Verse 1: G D/F# Em C Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum; Am D7 What might be right for you, may not be right for some. G D/F# Em C A man i
Fm Вот и опять, как в шестидесятых, Лидер пытается сдвинуть с места C# То, что без водки, как и без мата, C Все равно что без дрожжей тесто. Это
Song: Flower of Scotland Artist: Alestorm Album: Captain Morgan's Revenge Intro E|--5--5------------------5------------5--------------| B|--------8--6---------6-----8---6--8-----------------| G|--------------5---5---------------------------------| D|
is midnight rider here it is the first part you just play one chord but when i can ill upload the song to my profile you can check it out by the way you play it with a capo on the first fret Verse 1 E G D E Here we are tonight on the ripplin surface
Its my first tab this is the Complete Song rate it Tabbed by: Socra XD Intro --3-3-----3-5-3------------------------------------| ------5-6-------6-5----5-5-----5-6-5---------------| ---------------------7-----5-7------7-5-4-2--------| --------------
Hey Lord Key A Tempo 120 Verse 1 Riff: A5, Low E Sting