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911 E7 A7 E7 Я нaбиpaю - дeвять oдин oдин A7 E7 Я нaбиpaю – дeвять oдин oдин H7 A7 И нaпeвaю:”Little Help From My Friends” E7 Мoй любимый мoтив. И тaк дaлee
Title:Ikaw Parin Artist: Aicelle Santos Album: Make Me Believe This is the New Song of Aicelle Santos....Please Support this Song Intro: Abm7-E9-Ebm-C#m (2x) Abm7 E9 Ebm C#m Diko alam bakit nagkaganito Abm7 E9 Ebm Matapos ibigay ko ang lahat C#m sa'y
All Things Are Possible ----------------------- INTRO: C2 Am7 (x2) VERSE 1: C2 Am7 C2 Almighty God my Redeemer, Am7 F2 My hiding place, my safe refuge. G Am G No other name like Je-sus; F2 G No power can stand against You. VERSE 2: C2 Am7 C2 My feet
intro 5b------------------------------ ----7--5--7--5--7-7b--5--3--5--3 -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- 5b------------------------------ ----7--5--7--
ok, this is just a song that i made up and all my friends reckoned i should put it in a guitar siTE to see what ppl thought of it so i decided to do that. I'm going to warn you that it is pretty crap but i'm only 14 yrs old :S OK, here it goes: INTRO
C Сонный вакуум железобетонных дворов C В час нелегкой работы квартирных воров C Отрешенно заглушая горлом сдавленный стон C Все считаешь
American Hearts by A.A. Bondy Tabbed by MericanSoil The following chords are accurate, yet I am sure Bondy doesn
this is how i play the song. it's not 100% correct but it works well with a lower male voice. Dm F C You always insist on going to the edge Gm But it just keeps on getting farther Dm F C You're flyin past the black holes and supernovas, faraway explo
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eastenders Theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: metalgeardave Email: [email protected] Tuning: Standar
English: Heh, old swedish song from Childrens TV. Pretty cool. Norwegian/Swedish: Husker du Albert Евеrg ре Barne-TV? Her er sangen i tab! Any suggestions, comments or anything else mail me: [email protected] Tuning: Standard E-A-D-G-B-
10 Things - Rain Down, Your Spirit On me Tabbed By: Rob Church Email: [email protected] Tuning: EADGBe Note: The sus4 chords are single strums E8-9 and E6-7 is the open chord E on those numbered frets Intro: E-A-E-A-G#7(sus4)-F#7(sus4) Verse 1:
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 20:42:45 -0500 From: Daniel Hill Subject: m/misc_television/ Neon Genesis Evangelion Cruel Angel's Thesis (Opening Theme - TV Version) Daniel Lee Hill ICQ: 7831222 I've put a lot of time and effort into m
e---------------4-2-0---------------------4-2-0-------------0-0--------------| B-0---------0----------------------0---0-0-----------4---2-4-------0---------| G---1----1-----------------1--3-----------------------------------------1----| D------2-----
Em C Am Hm Em C Am Hm Стояло жаркое лето, где 5 копеек - монета. Em C Am Hm И СССР - как планета, и втихаря сигарета. Висит афиша, что где-то кино от студии D
С D7 G И он снова зажжет потухшую сигарету С D G И уходя, смущаясь, бросит Good Bye С D7 G Em А на полночной кухне холодный свет одинокой звезды С D G Н