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Zutons - Pressure Point (табулатура)

Ok, it's like 10.30 in the morning and i've only jus got on the computer and checked my
e-mail and this tab and another one was sent to me, so basically wat im sayin is,i havent
had time to play it or netin to see wat it sounds like but obviously im sure it's right

Ok so enjoy, if u hav ne probs my e-mail addy is [email protected]

This song is actually very easy to play all u hav to remember are these two simple riffs
and ur done!

Main Riff:

Then after the main riff play the bridge, this is played through 'Doctor,Doctor...'
and 'Ahhhhhh Pressure Pressure Pressure Pressure...'


And thats it!I havent changed it at all! Thats how it was sent to me, there is one more
thing if any1 has ne tabs for confusion can u plzzzzzz send it to me plz ive
done part of it but now im stuck so if any1 has a tab for it can u plz
send it to me i'd appreciate sooooo much the same wiv a havana gand brawl tab!
Автор: muzzon