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Zornik - Its so unreal (аккорды)

From: Frank Van Bouwel 
Subject: z/zornik/its_so_unreal.crd
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 20:35:22 +0100

Song: It's so unreal=20
Artist: Zornik

Tabbed by Frank Van Bouwel

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[email protected]

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: D

      D    Dmaj7       Asus   A
E ----2----2------2----2------0------0----0-----0--
B ----3----2------3----2------3------2----3-----2--
G ----2----2------2----2------2------2----2-----2--
D ----0----0------0----0------2------2----2-----2--
A -------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------

G     G*                  F#
and I don't know the rules ...

    Bm   A     G
believe in my dreams......

      G*   F#  Bm   A      G    A
but before I even met the other o.....


E -----2--------2---
B --3-------3-------
G --2-------2------- }x3
D ------------------
A ------------------
E ------------------  }x4

E -----2----3----2--
B --3---------------
G --2---------------=20
D ------------------
A ------------------
E ------------------

D    Bm     A      G      D
it's so unreal and I will love

Special G* chord could be played like this (still with capo on 2nd =
(with thanx to jerre)
E -----3-------------
B -----3-------------
G -----3-------------=20
D -----6--------------
A -----5--------------
E -----4--------------

Автор: muzzon