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Zita Swoon - Josie something (табулатура)

Transcribed by Grabenhofer amp; Melichar

D			     f#
 Josie said be quiet  while  stared into the sun
       	      G				D
 And sent her faith upon a permanent vacaction
 D				f#
 I never knew somebody who could speak like she's a gun
      	      G		                        D
 And make the roar sound like a peaceful conversation

 Josie said now hush
             G				h#
 Or else the flapping of your tongue will wake the dogs
 Already on our trail
 D                                  f#
 Josie closed her eyers like she had planned to all along

            G                    C
 she woke up smack dab in Sorrowville

 D                      C
 up smack dab in sorrowville

 F                       e
 uuuuhhh uuh huuu

 Although we shared the movements lord
 Although we shared the thoughts
 	  G                            D
 We had a very differnt kind of destination
 If mine was dark and never sure
 If mine was painted blue
           G                                  D
 Then hers would kill the devil if it hit him

 C#			F#
 Oh man I am stranded
 C#			F#
 Oh man I've done wrong
 C#			F#
 Oh man I pretend that
 C#			F#
 Life still goes on

 A			G
 I might as well get wasted
 Bb	           C    G
 Oh sister don't you go

 F                       e

 uuuuhhh uuh huuu

 She could have been a movie lord
 She could have been a song
 	      G				                 D
 But the real to real would roll it into wrong 

Автор: muzzon