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Zephyrs - Setting sun (аккорды)

From: Stuart 'Stevie' Leitch 
Subject: z/zephyrs/setting_sun.crd
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 00:48:27 -0000

Setting Sun - The Zephyrs
From the 2001 album - When the Sky Comes Down It Comes Down on your Head
Written by S. Nicol
Transcribed by Stuart Leitch (send corrections to
[email protected])

You'll want some pedals (delay I think) and gizmos to get that John Cummings
sound. I notice that an e-bow is used at the end of the song in live

C   F   C   F

Verse (I hate...)
C   F   C   F
C   Dm  F   C   F

C   F

(verse again)

Middle bit (It was a good...)
Em  F   C   G
Em  F   Dm  C

(verse again, and so on...)

Автор: muzzon