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Zappa Frank - Meek Shall Inherit Nothing


By Frank Zappa

Album: You Are What You Is

F                       Eb
Some take the bible for what it's worth
        Bb maj7                              F
When it says that the meek shall inherit the earth
Well, I heard that some sheik
Bought New Jersey last week
    Bb  A   G   F     F   D   G   F*
And you suckers ain't gettin' nothing!

((((This line is all single note in the bass except the F at the F.))))

Is Hare Rama really wrong
If you wander around with a napkin on
With a bell on a stick
An' your hair is all gone...
(The geek shall inherit nothin')

     You say your life's a bum deal
     And you're up against the wall
Well, people, you ain't even got no kind of deal at all
     'Cause what they do
     In Washington
     G                  C
They just takes care of number one
    Bb maj7          C
And number one ain't you
Bb maj7        C
You ain't even number two!

Those Jesus freaks, well they're friendly but
The shit they believe has got their minds all shut
An' they don't even care
When the church takes a cut
Ain't it bleak when you got so much nothin'

So whaddya do?

Eat that pork, eat that ham
Laugh till you choke on Billy Graham
       Bb maj7                                   C
Moses, Aaron and Abraham, they're all a waste of time
    Gm                   C
And it's your ass that's on the line
 Gm                   C
(It's your ass that's on the line)

F                  Eb
Do what you wanna, do what you will
     Bbmaj7                        F
Just don't mess up your neighbor's thrill
And when you pay the bill
Kindly leave a little tip
             Bbmaj7                          F
And help the next poor sucker on his one way trip

F             Bb   Am7  Gm   F
Some take the bi - ble  oh,  oh

(Awww, give me half a dozen for the hotel room)
Автор: muzzon