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Разное - Мультфильмы - Flame Of Recca Theme

i am only gonna type in the chords coz this is a japanese song and i do not know the lyrics, 
you just have to look for the tyming for yourself.

G(ho) (higher octave, its an F except that the bar will start at the third fret)
Gb(ho) (higher octave, its also an Fb but the bar starts at the fifth fret)

intro-  F, Fb, F#sus  repeat 6x

bridge- Am, Dm, Am, Dm, Am, F, G, G (ho), Fb, F#(ho)

chorus- Am, Dm, F, G repeat 2x

bridge- just repeat the bridge above

chorus- just repeat the chorus above

riff- D, C repeat 6x

intro- just repeat the F, Fb, F#sus repeat 3x

chorus- just repeat the chorus stated above

intro- just repeat the F, Fb, F#sus 4x

and that is the whole song, it is very easy and fun to play.
if you have comments, comment me. this is my first but im sure that this almst perfect.:) hehe
Автор: muzzon