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You're My Flame Tabbed By: Cal?! Verse: Bbm "you take strole" etc C# "You dooooooooo" Bbm "You make shapes" C# "Yh you are." Chorus: Bbm "your'e dodgin on the friendly fire F#, C#, F#, Ab, D#x2 " you burn at both ends" Break: Bbm Chorus: Bbm, F#, C#,
Artist: Frank Zappa Title: Watermelons in Easter Hay This is the rhythm that?s played through the entire piece -------------------------------------------------------------------------------| --2----------------------------------4-----2--------------
Intro and Chorus Gl-------------------------------------------------------------------| Dl-------------------------------------------------------------------| Al-------------------------------------------------------------------| El---7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7
Song : Drive Artist : Ziggy Marley Album : 50 First Date Transcribed by: PJ Del Mundo [email protected] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Intro: C--CM7--C6--C--;(2x) C CM7 C Who's gonna tell you w
Tabber: Sabri aka Mistle Contact: [email protected]om Notes: To my knowledge this is the first His World guitar tab on the net. I know alot of who want to learn this song, but cannot find a tab. Well, thats why I decided to tab It's not very h
Intro: A 1----------------------------------------------------| 2----------------5-----------------------------------| 3-6--6-7-6-4-6--6---7-6-4-6--------------------------| 4-------------------------------6--------------------| 5--------------------
Friends Of Mine (Chris White) Intro: C Csus4 C Csus4 v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----1-1---------|-----1-1--------- ---0---0---------|---0---0--------- -2-----3---------|-2-----3--------- -3-----3---------|-3-----3--------- -
Intro: |------------| |-5-5--5-----| POKE!|-5-5--5-----| (Plucked with fingers) |-5-5--5-----| |------------| |------------| PH |-----------------------------|--------------------------------| |-----------------------------|--------------------------
Zutons Valerie Tired Of Hanging Around Guitar 1 - Boyan Chowdhury - Light Distortion Guitar 2 - Dave McCabe - Clean Intro Guitar 1 E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-11----11----11----11----11----11----11---
ciao siccome mi piaciono gli zero assoluto ho provato a fare questa canzone!buon divertimento!! (INTRO)CHITARRA 2 E|----------------------|| B|--6--5-----6--5-------|| G|-------5----------7---|| D|----------------------|| A|----------------------|| E
Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) Dm G Dm G A butcher yes that was my trade F Dm F A But the king's shilling is now my fee Dm G Dm G A butcher I may as well have stayed F G A For the slaughter that I see Am And I Dm Dm/C And I can't stop shaking Dm
Intro - *Optional* (x3) g-------------------------| d-------------------------| a---1-2---4-2---1-2---4-2-| e-4-----2-----0-----1-----| Verse g------------------| d------------------| a-----------6------| e-44-44344-7--344--| Pre-Chorus g------------
e------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G-13-13-13-13-13-11-9-11-8-8--11-8-9-6-6-9-6-8-6-4-----------------------------| D------
I Remember When I Loved Her
Band: Zebrahead Album: Phoenix Song: The Juggernauts Verse (0:11) (only do the slide the first time) G|----------------------------------| D|---------11113333-----------------| A|\44444444----------------------3~-| x4 E|-----------------2222222222222